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Talking Time Presents: The Top 60 Video Game Enemies Exhibit at the Valdez Museum of Video Game Box Art


Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)
As we are on the cusp of beginning the very first popularity contest on the new boards, I feel it is appropriate to lay down the foundation for this thread moving forward.

First off, I want to take everyone who submitted a list and honor them as the "donors" to the Enemy Exhibit here at the Valdez Museum of Video Game Box Art. These fine individuals include: Lokii, Ixo, WildcatJF, Kirin, Johnny Unusual, Kzinssie, Torzelbaum, Kishi, nataerynn, Beta Metroid, Octopus Prime, Daikaiju, Issun, Dracula, Mr. X, Dr. Nerd, Rascally Badger, and Positronic Brain. The museum greatly appreciates your contributions towards making this an exhibit to remember!

This being a public institution and a place of learning, we have some ground rules.

1) This is the biggest one. DON'T BUST IN HERE AND BE AN ASSHOLE. Seriously. Don't shit on an enemy choice, don't shit on people who picked it, don't shit on how I choose to run the contest, don't shit on me for taking too long to post something. There were times last go around where these situations happened and it made me question doing another one.

I am super excited to be doing this again and I am not in the mood to have someone try to make it a nightmare this time. I see someone try to shit in here, I report to a mod. Let's just have fun!

2) This is a very spur of the moment popularity contest. What happens within could influence the direction the story goes! The final week or so of the Box Art contest was my favorite moment on TT EVER, and I want to maintain that improvisation here.

3) Posts will occur Monday through Friday for official entries for #60 - 26. I may do occasional weekend posts on enemies that were nominated that didn't make it, depending on my energy levels and availability. When #25 happens, I may go to a M/W/F schedule depending on energy. That being said, there may be times I'm too exhausted or busy to draw or write up something, but rest assured it'll happen when I can make it happen.

4) I encourage memories of each enemy we display in the museum! What does seeing the enemy here make you feel as it comes up? Good? Bad? There's all kinds of iconic and obscure foes gathered here from many different games, and I'm super excited to draw them all and see where they take the thread! You get to be a part of that organic process!

5) If you're curious about the comic these characters come from, check out my art blog: https://wildcatjfart.wordpress.com/tag/so-this-webcomic

6) I may reference the old contest from time to time, which is currently being archived. I do have all of the comics on my blog, but the whole cats-as-museum-employee and condiment-and-game-box angle is absent from there, so hopefully sometime soonish I can link the last contest up.

7) I'm running out of rules.

11) So I'm going to stop.

Thank you for taking part in this contest! It should be fun!

60. Badman
59. Propeller Rat
58. Nurse
57. Pig Cop
56. Barbarian
55. Mimic
54. Clicker
53. Persephone
52. Eggplant Wizard
51. New Age Retro Hippie
50. Waddle Doo
49. Fleaman
48. Revenant
47. Piranha Plant
46. Abominable Snowman
45. Gordo
44. Guardian
43. Licker
42. Wild Zubat
41. Nu
40. Like Like
39. Moblin
38. Regenerator
37. Jack Frost
36. Koopa Troopa
35. Headcrab
34. Darknut
33. Thwomp
32. Poison
31. Hammer Bros.
30. Murloc
29. Invader
28. Shy Guy
27. Octorok
26. Bird
25. Waddle Dee
24. Hell House
23. Lakitu
22. Cacodemon
21. Ghost
20. Behemoth
19. Metal Slime
18. Sniper Joe
17. Rabite
16. Wallmaster
15. Moai
14. Boo
13. Malboro
12. Medusa Head
11. Chain Chomp
10. Turret
9. Phanto
8. Skeleton
7. Cactaur
6. Goomba
5. Red Arremer
4. Tonberry
3. Metroid
2. Slime
1. Met





The Valdez Museum of Video Game Box Art is pleased to announce the opening date of our next exhibit, the Top 50 Video Game Enemies Exhibit.


The exhibit will officially open on September 7th, Labor Day.

*cleans paw*

We appreciate your patience while we finish up...

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY teh BIG feets has stopped steppin on the west wing!

*jumps into window*

WOW Flavors teh feets is flyin I can has fly?

Oh good. Between the katamari, the banjo player, and the mecha battle it's a wonder we still HAVE a west wing. Let's tape that area off. Thank god we moved the Enemy exhibit to the East Wing...and hired a visiting curator to handle that while I have to focus on reconstruction and reestablishing the brand of the Valdez Museum...not many people will want to come to a half destro....


Dammit, I am horrid at turning off this micr...*click*
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Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)


As teh new managers of teh gifts shoppe keepin teh branz in teh public consciousmess is key
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Stuff like this really makes me miss having the special reacts, because this requires at least five froth birbs right now.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
For the next few days you could do this:

edit: Whoops. Looks like this broke during the transition to 3.0.
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Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)
hey did yous knows

did yous knows

did yous knows these is a good exhibit


noez yous dids nots cause yous has not seens it

the guest cure-a-tor haz a hootz doin it

is good

flavors are this cceptble hypez





Um, what are you doing with this microphone? Dammit Finn I'm on lun-


Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)

....this is just a good song unrelated to anything going on in here, ok?


fooled em


Hi Soya. Yes. You're gonna try to spook my shit again. I see you. NO. NO NO NO. I don't care if Alexia and Claire are going. THERE WERE FUCKING MECHA STOMPING THE MUSEUM. AFTER A BANJO DEMON TRIED TO KILL US AND A LITTLE GAME GUY ROLLED UP ALL THE EXHIBITS AND RAN HIM OVER. I don't know why this is difficult for you. Look. I'm gonna actually go jam on a new song with Alexia. You and Claire have a grand time. Just a darling little time in that cursed pit of gaming doom. Yes. Yes I remember Doom was in the museum. Yes. I remember being chased by some hellspawn fucker. Do you realize...you don't. You genuinely have no goddamn clue what that experience was like as a support character, do you? Ok. We're done. I'm leaving. You can tell me ALLLLLLLL about it when you get back. If you get back. Some fucking Gundam will probably finish off the building today. HAVE FUN sis.


Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)
Hi! It's actually me, WildcatJF, not a bit to keep the hype train a-rollin haha

If you submitted a list but did not include any descriptions due to time constraints or what have you, I am open to accepting any descriptions before we officially launch on September 7th. Feel free to PM me on the new forums (as I won't be posting on the old forums any more). All prior PMs and DMs received on the old board and Discord are already stored in my description doc just waiting to be pulled as needed, so no need to resubmit if you did on those.

Thank you! :D


Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)


Wait, Finn, you didn't do anything to disguise who this is. Everyone here reads So...this webcomic, so I've been told.

i dids colors

Well, that I can't argue. ....hm, reviewing the stats for the artist's home page, I take back my earlier statement. No one likely knows who this is.


teh simpsoz is teh most popucar media prosduct herez so this great promoz


Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)
I'll have you know that museum exhibits are expensive and require many hands to pull all its disparate pieces together into a cohesive and enjoyable experience for its patrons. Especially since this is no mere Top 50. Oh no. The guest curator went a little above and beyond. He has a sharp eye for detail!....when he's awake. Odd hours, that one.

Anyway, the Valdez Museum of Video Game Box Art appreciates your patience as we wrap up final touches. You won't be disappointed!


Merry Honkidays
(he / his / him)





"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
Good thing the Sega logo has lines to read between!

Octopus Prime


So... ghostbusters...

Slimer was the ghost of John Belushi... from Blues Brothers

A movie with Illinois nazis

Which are frequent video game enemies, but especially in Wolfenstein

Which also featured Frankenstein

Nazi Frankenstein is the first entry.