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top 50

  1. Johnny Unusual

    Capsize the Vote! The Popularity Contest General and Nomination Thread

    Hey, I just thought I'd make a thread for the popularity contest. Partially because I'm going to do the archive thread in the near future. I am mentioning it here because I plan on making it a locked thread as the first post will be the masterlist of contests and subsequent posts will contain...
  2. Issun

    30 for 50: Celebrating Five Years of Listings

    In just over half a decade, Top 50 threads have become an integral part of Talking Time, and we've had exactly 30 of them! They were all excellent, too, and have encompassed a wide variety of topics, from games to comics to mythical critters (and surprisingly, only a third of them have been...
  3. WildcatJF

    Talking Time Presents: The Top 60 Video Game Enemies Exhibit at the Valdez Museum of Video Game Box Art

    As we are on the cusp of beginning the very first popularity contest on the new boards, I feel it is appropriate to lay down the foundation for this thread moving forward. First off, I want to take everyone who submitted a list and honor them as the "donors" to the Enemy Exhibit here at the...