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top 50

  1. Mogri

    Top 50 Pokémon: Rainbow Rocket blasts off again!

    Hello, Poké-fans! I’m your host, Anna, coming at you live from what appears to be an enormous, high-tech castle of some sort, where I’ve been abducted – sorry, “chosen” – to bring you the event of the century: the Team Rainbow Rocket Pokémon tournament. This tournament was organized by the big...
  2. Adrenaline

    The House of Ideas. Talking Time's 50 Favorite Marvel Characters!

    Thanks to Johnny Unusual for suggesting this video to kick off the countdown. Including my own, there were 15 ballots submitted for this list, generating a list of exactly 150 classic and new Marvel characters, only a third of which gathered enough points to make the final cut. What struck me...
  3. Adrenaline

    Excelsior! The Top 50 Marvel Characters Nomination Thread

    Marvel is maybe the biggest entertainment franchise in the world right now, and they built the foundation for that success over the course of over 60 years (more if you count the early days before the current era), establishing hundreds if not thousands of compelling characters for fans to fall...
  4. Positronic Brain

    Love For Dummies - The Top 50 Fictional Relationships Thread

    Well, hello, there, Talking Tyrants! Nice of you to drop by. Welcome to Positronic Brain’s “Relationships for Dummies”. Together we will unravel all the mysteries of these crazy little things called Relationships - what are they? How do they work? What makes a successful relationship? I know...
  5. Positronic Brain

    The Top 50 Fictional Relationships Voting Thread - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Vote That)

    Since the earliest stages of civilization, after mankind stopped worrying about outrunning predators (but before they solved the problem of public plumbing), we have devoted a significant part of our collective mind-power to a very important topic: shipping. Not in the “packing stuff to send it...
  6. Issun

    Because, Talking Time. You are... A Top 50 Puppets Countdown

    It's puppet time! Puppets are fun! Puppets are great! There are so many amazing puppets past, present, and future, and unfortunately we only have the time to cover a fraction of a fraction. But this is Talking Time's most favoritest fraction. A Note: I did group some entries together when...
  7. Johnny Unusual

    The Top 50 Actors Countdown - You Casted Your Votes

    OK, everyone, our project has begun. You may not have realized this but due to shocking anonymous donations a few years ago during one of our fundraisers, we finally have the funding for Talking Time’s true endgame: producing major motion pictures. And if we want to spend money to make money...
  8. Kirin

    Top 50 Older Women in Fiction - Grandmas Get Thing Done

    Pictured: 87-year-old cosplayer Beverly from Georgia winning DragonCon Welcome! To another Talking Time Top 50, where this time we're shining the spotlight on the woefully under-represented demographic of older women in fiction. Sixteen of you scoured your memories and collections to come up...
  9. Johnny Unusual

    The Top 50 Cartoon Characters - They Aren't Your Favourite, They're Just Drawn That Way

    “Why, hello, my name is Lionel Hutz. I’m an attorney in the burgeoning city of Toontown and, well, after a recent *squints* play-jar-is-em case got overturned, well, it ended up opening up a wonderful floodgate that allows me to be gainfully employed. I won’t bore you with the details because I...
  10. Mogri

    Talking Time's Top 50 Office Supplies

    I asked and you answered. Talking Time has opinions on paper products. The thing is -- top 50 lists are a lot of work, pretty stressful, you know? And there's a lot on my plate right now. I just don't think I can take on this project. If only there were a way to lighten the load... Oh hey...
  11. Issun

    No One Can Stop Mr. Talking Time's Top 50 32 & 64-Bit Video Games!

    The 32 & 64-Bit era of gaming (also known as the 5th Console Generation) was a time of tremendous upheaval. For 25 years video games had had mostly two-dimensional graphics (and when graphics looked 3D it was almost always due to some clever tricks). Game music had evolved beyond beeps and...
  12. Nich

    Top 50 Rock Bands: We Will Rock You

    Rock legends are a part of rock and roll, but when you get down to it, no one person can rock alone. You need a band. So with this list, we celebrate not the individual stars but the groups we love best out of rock's history, the ones who decided the music was more important than any individual...
  13. Adrenaline

    Top 50 Sidekicks - The League of Extraordinary Second Bananas

    Heroes and villains are great, but they wouldn't get anywhere without the people watching their back, helping them, teaching them, or just giving them someone to show off to. Here are our picks for the 50 best sidekicks in the history of fiction. Ties will be presented in order of earliest...
  14. Dracula

    Just Keep Telling Yourself It's Only a Thread: Talking Time's Top 50 Horror Movies!

    No. 50: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) Points: 63 | Lists: Teg (#7), WildcatJF (#4) “Jinkies!” Drac's Notes: My relationship with Scooby-Doo sort of begins and ends with the Batman crossover episode from the 1970s. We had that on VHS and my younger brother literally watched it every...
  15. Johnny Unusual

    Capsize the Vote! The Popularity Contest General and Nomination Thread

    Hey, I just thought I'd make a thread for the popularity contest. Partially because I'm going to do the archive thread in the near future. I am mentioning it here because I plan on making it a locked thread as the first post will be the masterlist of contests and subsequent posts will contain...
  16. Issun

    30 for 50: Celebrating Five Years of Listings

    In just over half a decade, Top 50 threads have become an integral part of Talking Time, and we've had exactly 30 of them! They were all excellent, too, and have encompassed a wide variety of topics, from games to comics to mythical critters (and surprisingly, only a third of them have been...
  17. WildcatJF

    Talking Time Presents: The Top 60 Video Game Enemies Exhibit at the Valdez Museum of Video Game Box Art

    As we are on the cusp of beginning the very first popularity contest on the new boards, I feel it is appropriate to lay down the foundation for this thread moving forward. First off, I want to take everyone who submitted a list and honor them as the "donors" to the Enemy Exhibit here at the...