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  1. Issun

    Best Game Music Forever Thunderdome Remastered: Remake

    Welcome to the Inagural Musicdome for TT3.0! Here we have music from across the years and spectrum of video game music. There's so much good stuff, but before we get started: The first bracket is the qualifiers. This features the bottom two from each person's list of 4. Because there were 56, 8...
  2. Johnny Unusual

    The Thunderdome Voting Thread #1 - Remember where you are. This is Talking Time.

    ___________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Thunderdome! The first Thunderdome of the new forum! If you are new to the actual activity for some reason, here's the deal: The Thunderdome is a voting based activity were various things are pitted...
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Several Topics Enter, One Topic Leaves: The Thunderdome Nomination Thread

    With a new forum, are we ready to discuss the next Thunderdome? I can't speak for anyone else but I was thinking as a fresh start, something relatively simple. Maybe just video game music. Or even just music in general? (I also had the idea of a shuffledome, where we press shuffle on our...