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JRPG Thunderdome - Turntable-Based

Johnny Unusual

And here we go! Thank you for your patience, we will begin immediate. Some from random luck have gotten a "by" but only the best will ascend to number 1, though there are no losers here!


Let's begin

Round 1
Match 1
It's a battle of battles! @pudik engages in an "Endless Battle" by way of Folklore while @YangusKhan goes with "Battle -destruction-" from Shin Megami Tensei V.

Match 2
@Peklo studies the human body and "Antinomy of the Golden Rule" (largely because I may have misread one of those words) from the Blue Reflection: Second Light while @Balrog hangs out in a "Place of Stopped Time" from Dragon Quest VII.


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Blue Reflection

I'll abstain from the other match, as I do not have Spotify and therefore cannot listen to the whole track.


Staff member
Folk VII

I like Blue Reflection but Place of Stopped Time is goatish. I can't believe they ruined it in the remake!

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
Anatomy of Destruction

Gotta say that the SMT V track rules, and the piano and strings of Anatomy of the Golden Rule gets my attention more than what feels more like an atmosphere piece from Dragon Quest VII.


does the Underpants Dance
Shin Megami Reflection for me (do I even get to vote for my own song?). As much as I love DQ7's soundtrack, I think I've just heard that song too much, so the track from Blue Reflection was a really strong breath of fresh air in comparison.

Johnny Unusual

Hey, @Johnny Unusual - did you create a bracket for this dome?
I do.

Shin Megami Tensei V and Blue Reflection move on. (Also, I think I was using the wrong symbol for Vs and will use a new one this time).

Match 3
Wildcat JF visits the Sensational World from Ogre Battle 64 while Spoony Bard is a Bit Shot from Deltarune.

Match 4
@narcodis finds the forbidden treasure of ~Le Tresor Interdit~ from Crono Cross - Radical Dreamers while @Solitayre will Get Over the Barrier from Zero no Kiseki.




Summon for hire
~Sensational tildes~

(Wish I’d had time to contribute noms this time but I’ve been hella busy lately. But hey most of my noms for the last few categories were also this one anyway!)

Johnny Unusual

For now, the Ogre Battle and Deltarune is tied and if anyone wants to break the tie today, go for it. And Zero no Kiseki just barely makes it to round 2.

Match 5
Issun suffers from Megalomania from Live a Live while Dark Medusa chants Neuga, Ziena, Zieber, Zom... from Chrono Trigger covered by the OC Jazz Collective.


Match 6
q 3 hears the call of the Porcelain Forest, as we all do sometimes from Etrian Mystery Dungeon while @Alixsar is In the Balance from Final Fantasy XIV.