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Thunderdome Voting Thread #2: Death is listening, and will take the first tyrant that screams.

Who will win?

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Johnny Unusual


The second thunderdome has ended but the war rages on. Now the war to decide the nature of the next war! Its a battle beaurocracy democracy, people.

Here's how this works, if you are new to this
1) We are given a topic, usually musical in nature, though someone is offering a different idea.
2) People are invited to submit songs or musical pieces or entries they like that fit the topic before a deadline (you may be told the limit of how many you may submit and it is not uncommon for that number to grow during this process)
3) The entries are randomized and pitted against each other where you must choose (usually) one of the two songs. Usually its two matches a day. Just pick the ones you like best from the two matches.
4) This goes on until there is only one entry left!

I hope I explained it clearly. But anyway, we aren't at that part yet. We are at the part where we must decide our topic and with that our host. You must choose between...

Game Overdome - Falselogic (game over music)
Shuffledome - Johnny Unusual (hit shuffle on your music playing device)
Who Would Win in a Fightdome - Mogri (debating and voting who would in a fight)
Wrestlingdome - ShakeWell (music from wrestling games)

Worth noting: for Mogri's suggested dome, it will not be music or media based but a debate on characters. Because of this, I think this should be its own seperate form of activity happening alongside thunderdomes and popularity contests. But what do you think. Mogri would be interested but he wants to know that there's enough interest to go ahead with it. Or if you want to see it AS a regular thunderdome, let us know with posts and votes.

The deadline is four days from now!


Summon for hire
Previously I've only been involving myself in the Top50s, but decided to see what was going on over in the elemental musicdome recently and it looked like a lot of fun so maybe I'll start paying attention to these!

I think Mogri's fightmatch tourney could stand on its own, especially as long as we're only running one Top50 list at the same time, which is the case at the moment.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Kirin, domes can be fun as long as you don't expect too much from your picks and just see them as a way to be exposed to lots of different songs. So I definitely think you should watch or participate.

I didn't vote for it but I do think Mogri's "whose fictional dad is stronger" debates could be its own thing separate from the domes (or Top 50s). I am not sure if a large tourney would necessarily be the best way to do that. A smaller scope might be better to allow more room and time for debates.
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aggro table, shmaggro table
Speaking as someone who generally nominates new/unusual stuff instead of nostalgic hits, I don't really worry about my pick's performance very often.


The Shogun of Harlem
I was super not into a shuffledome, and then I hit shuffle a few times and (skipping a few sound-effect tracks) I got some CHOICE stuff. You all better watch out