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Thunderdome Voting Thread #4: And I say this Tyrant has broken the law. Right or wrong, we had a deal.

Which Dome do you want to see next

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Johnny Unusual


The race has ended. But there won't be time to catch our breaths, because the next games must be decided.

Here's how this works, if you are new to this
1) We are given a topic, usually musical in nature, though someone is offering a different idea.
2) People are invited to submit songs or musical pieces or entries they like that fit the topic before a deadline (you may be told the limit of how many you may submit and it is not uncommon for that number to grow during this process)
3) The entries are randomized and pitted against each other where you must choose (usually) one of the two songs. Usually its two matches a day. Just pick the ones you like best from the two matches.
4) This goes on until there is only one entry left!

I hope I explained it clearly. But anyway, we aren't at that part yet. We are at the part where we must decide our topic and with that our host. You must choose between...

Female Video Game Musician Dome - Johnny Unusual
Franchise Theme Dome - Issun

The Female Video Game Musician Dome is you choosing music performed or composed (or remixed, maybe) by a female musician and originates from a video game.

The Franchise Themedome is you picking the music that acts as the theme not only to the game but to the franchise as a whole.

I might have a dog in this fight but regardless, I would love to see either of these win! They both seem cool and fun.

If you have any questions, ask any questions

The deadline is four days from now!

Johnny Unusual

An hour left for anyone who wants to vote (I'm fine with the current standing but frankly I like lots of votes at least to gauge interest. Hopefully more than four people will be taking part).