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Elemental Music Domes -- Nomination Thread!


definitely not a robot
Welcome to the nomination thread for the Four Elemental Domes!

We'll be having 4 (four!) smaller domes in celebrations of the Four Elements --- Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Let's have our hosts introduce themselves!

Greetings, Talking Tyrants! I, Rubicante, shall host the Lava Dome. Regale me with your greatest songs of fire and flames, and remember to vote honorably and often. May the best song win! (P.S. My friends were busy so I had to hire some help from Craigslist. Please understand.)

Howdy humanfolk! King Zora here. I'll be your host for the, uhhh... Swimmy--- ...no? uh... Aqua? no... umm... Water Dome? Yeah, the Water Dome! Bring your best watersongs to Water Dome and we'll find the best one (yeah). Also, I think ice songs are allowed in here (...is that right, Rubi?). Yeah. You can nominate ice songs too ('cuz ice is just really cold water).

ʏ ᴏ ᴜ ᴄ ᴀ ɴ ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ᴅ ᴇ ғ ᴇ ᴀ ᴛ ᴍ ᴇ

...plaaants ...diiiirt ...rrrrrocks... eeeearthhhh...

...and there you have it folks! Give it up for our hosts! *canned applause*

Now, please nominate one (1) song for each of these domes: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Nominations end Wednesday, 2 December at 9:00 PM PST (UTC-8).

Remember to post your nominations as a list of links, and not a list of embeds.

Q: How closely should my nominations stick to the theme?
A: The songs should ideally have direct and unambiguous connections to a single primary element, if possible. For example, Air Man and Bubble Man's themes would fit in their respective domes, but the Mega Man 2 boss theme would not be eligible (despite both bosses using it). There are also borderline cases when a theme belongs to a multi-elemental stage (such as a burning forest). In those cases, I expect you to use your best judgment to determine if it belongs in one dome or another (or none at all).

If you have any further questions about a particular song, we can discuss it. I would like to keep the theme of these domes in place, but I also don't want to be exclusionary or pedantic.

Q: What if I want to make a secondary nomination for a dome?
A: I will allow if it the dome in question does not have 32 songs nominated for it already.

Q: Is this just limited to video game music?
A: In the Thunderdome nomination thread I called this the "Best Video Game Music Elemental Domes", so I guess it should be (legalistically speaking). However, if you really want to nominate a non-videogame song, I won't stop you.

Q: Will there be a final showdown for the winners of the domes?
A; Yes.

Q: What about the fifth element, Heart?
A: Don't be ridiculous. There are only four elements.

Q: What about elements like carbon or cadmium or astatine?
A: Never heard of 'em.

Let the nominations begin!
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????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
So would desert and forest themes be eligible for the Earth dome?
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The Shogun of Harlem
Earth: Genshin Impact - Moon in One's Cup

Bit of an odd one here. Each major area in Genshin is themed on an element. This is one of the several town themes you hear in Liyue, the Earth-themed region. Liyue also has a lot of Chinese-themed architecture and geography which constrasts it with the other area (more on this in a moment). The Genshin soundtrack is honestly really impressive; every area has a leitmotif, so the songs themselves are actually usually only a minute or two long...but each one is a variation on the central theme. This song itself is a variation on the main Liyue Harbor theme, but it only has one small section in common. Instead the majority of the other town themes are variations on THIS one, and all the surrounding areas also have different variations that serve as their theme. These versions can vary depending on the time of in-game day as well. The nearby areas of Qingce Village and Qingyun Peak have their own themes, with variations too. There's three battle themes for this region alone, all of which are excellent. It's honestly really great stuff. The OST as a whole is great, but the Liyue stuff is where the real money is at. It's wonderful.

The entire Liyue OST is up on the Genshin Youtube page, and I recommend you all check it out if you've got time.

Wind: Genshin Impact - Caelestinum Finale Termini

The other area currently accessible in Genshin is the starting area, Mondstadt. It's associated with wind and has more of a European castle town/windswept plains vibe in contrast to Liyue's tall mountains and marshes. It's major storyline culminates in a fight against a wind dragon that was corrupted and gone berserk. You and the wind God (sorta, don't worry about it) team up to calm it's rage and it culminates in a fight with this music in the background. It's pretty easy once you "get" it, but it's really good. It's like a Nier-lite boss theme.

There's actually two songs in Dvalin's Nest that are mixed together here that I wanted to choose, but that's kinda cheating...it's two tracks on the OST and I couldn't decide on just one, so I went with the boss theme instead. But just to set the stage, THIS is playing while you clear out the area surrounding Dvalin's lair and then you fight his dumb ass. It's good. The entire Mondstadt OST is also up on YT.

Water: Suikoden IV - La Mer

From the opening movie. The entire game is about sailing a ship around a chain of small islands. Naval battles are heavily featured. La Mer means the sea. Straightforward.

Fire: Ys III - A Searing Struggle

I've seen this translated as Heated Battle too......I dunno. But it's volcano dungeon music and it rules. The Genesis version of Ys III has the best soundtrack, I'll take this hot take to the grave with me
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I probably would've nommed the Wanderer's version of that track if I hadn't done the Zestiria trials themes, yeah.


definitely not a robot
Hmm, I put my desert track under fire. Objections anyone or let the voting decide?
Thinking about it more, it depends on the vibe of the song and the area it's attached to. The desert area in the Guardian Legend has always struck me as being more rocky than hot, while Gerudo Desert just feels hotter with the blazing sun.

Use your best judgment.
Thinking about it more, it depends on the vibe of the song and the area it's attached to. The desert area in the Guardian Legend has always struck me as being more rocky than hot, while Gerudo Desert just feels hotter with the blazing sun.

Use your best judgment.
Nice, yeah, Gerudo Desert definitely makes me think fire rather than earth so I'll stick with what I put.


behold my godlike
(she/her, or something)
usual music game thing, basically, although i really enjoyed getting a reason to consider stuff i probably wouldn't have gotten all the way to nominating before (especially as the rules seem to allow for a bit of room for "long version" style arranges)

Wind: honda akihiro - 高高度降下低高度開傘 (high-altitude, low-opening) - Beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS

i think i've nominated one of honda's songs before, "dances with snow fairies" from iidx 18, which is definitely my overall favorite he's done for the series (and maybe i've also chosen pop'n music's "dogu ditty" before, which i also considered for "earth" this time...), but this is the one that probably sounds the most similar to the mgs stuff he also worked on during his time at konami. i really do think it evokes that sense of falling through the sky the title is going for.

Earth: sato naoyuki - scar in the earth - Beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS

this is (the long version of) the first song i ever played in iidx. it's still a favorite, and really represents his earthy and natural style which he favored early on in pop'n and iidx; over time he continued it somewhat but gone increasingly toward harder electronica sounds and drum and bass. which i still really like, but this one brings back a lot of memories.

Water: oya masaya and fujimori sota - 紫陽花 -AZISAI- - Beatmania IIDX 23 COPULA

the train-themed game had a series of "season line" songs, and this one, for summer, is focused on the rainy season. as a collaboration between two of my favorite rhythm game songwriters, who have a lot of admiration for each other, i've always been a huge fan of this song, and think the muted leads and dancing melody really do convey that kind of rainy feeling.

Fire: nahakara ryutaro - Ignited Night - Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden

i genuinely pondered for a while if i could come up with four ryu* songs to nominate for this dome, but it seemed a little excessive.

really enjoying a lot of people's picks here!
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