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Elemental Music Domes (Currently: Thank You, We're Done)


definitely not a robot
Welcome one and all to the Best Video Game Music Elemental Domes! The powers of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire have converged upon this thread to provide you with a most excellent Bracketed Music Voting Challenge Experience.

Each of the 4 domes will be run to completion before starting the next one. After the all of the dome-winners have been crowned, they will be pitted against each other to see which element is the greatest of all.

- Earth Dome
- Wind Dome
- Water Dome
- Fire Dome

Remember: Have fun and vote once per match. Hopefully you find some new songs you like!
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definitely not a robot
Welcome everyone to our first dome, the Earth Do--


*ahem* Welcome everyone to our first dome, the Biosphere! Nettori here will be overseeing the proceedings here in the dome-- wait, no, sphere-- though she requested that I act as MC. (Sorry about the name mishap there.)

For the first two rounds, we will be having two matches per day.


On one side of today's first match we have Juno's nomination of Landslide from Final Fantasy XIV.

On the other side, we have Pass Through the Forest from Dewprism (aka Threads of Fate) as nominated by Vaeran.


For our second match, ShakeWell brings us The Underground Mine from Gunstar Heroes.

Facing off against that song is Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest courtesy of Violentvixen.

Will the winner of these matches win by a landslide, or just barely pass through? Vote now to find out!

(Voting closes at tomorrow, 6 PM PST (GMT-8) December 5.)
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Little Waves
Staff member
Pass Through the Forest and The Underground Mine.

I love Stickerbush Symphony, but it's definitely a windy track for me, not an earthy one.


Pass through the Forest and Stickerbrush Symphony.

Landslide gave me an old school Armored Core vibe, which I enjoyed.


The Shogun of Harlem
You've done the Dew; now Dew the Stick with new Mountain Dew ChewZ™

(I imagine they're, like, neon green Twizzlers)


Sir Knightbot
Pass through the Forest into The Underground Mine

All the tracks are good this round, but the second match was a really tough choice.


definitely not a robot
It looks like Talking Time has chosen to take the Path Through the Forest to hear the Stickerbrush Symphony.

On to today's matches:


From the Tales of Zestiria, Mightyblue regales is with a tale of Competing With the Honor of the Land

On the other side, Riot.EXE brings us Temperance & Vengeance from Killer Instinct


For our second match gorha wants us to listen to the Sandy Sound of Breath of Fire III

Denn, on the other hand, hopes the we find the Secret of the Forest in Chrono Trigger

Will this be an honorable competition, or will there be a secret killer at work? I don't know, but either way it's time to vote!

(Voting closes at tomorrow, 6 PM PST (GMT-8) December 6.)