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Best Game Music Forever Thunderdome Remastered: Remake


Welcome to the Inagural Musicdome for TT3.0! Here we have music from across the years and spectrum of video game music. There's so much good stuff, but before we get started:

The first bracket is the qualifiers. This features the bottom two from each person's list of 4. Because there were 56, 8 of the tracks got byes. They were random, with the exception that I made sure no one got more than one bye. This round will go down to the final 8, which will then enter their own minidome where we do two sets of four, with everyone voting for their two favorites out of each set. The two lowest point getters are out, and the final six go into the true dome with everyone's top 2.

Remember, one vote per Tyrant per matchup. I'll be doing two a day for the majority of the Dome. Here's the Qualifier Bracket.

Now, let's-a go!


It's all 8/16 bit today, folks! Our first matchup feature's Kishi's choice, the iconic Main Theme from Space Harrier, against the wailing guitars of Spark Mandrill from Mega Man X, as chosen by SpoonyBard.


Then we have Ninja Gaiden's Act 1, chosen by Johnny Unusual versus Nantendo FunCenter from Link's Awakening template For the Frog the Bell Tolls, chosen by Balrog.


Voting closes at 5 P.M. PST tomorrow.


Find Your Reason
I'm as surprised as anyone to vote against a Nier theme, but... Green Green Opoona Opoona.


I'm surprised to vote against Opoona, but i loved Forest Kingdom... hard choice... No no, i've changed my mind while writing this post: Central Sea and The Green Green Woodlands.


The Shogun of Harlem
Green Forest

I'm pretty sure I nominated Forest Kingdom before and it lost? Hopefully Round 2 goes better.