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The JRPG Music Thunderdome Nomination Thread – Rondo Encounter

Johnny Unusual

Look, I need to let you know something; I know this is a niche topic that might only have a limited appeal to Talking Time members but I thought I’d take a chance and see if we could, if prompted, come up with some music from Japanese Role Playing Games or JaRPlaG for short. This genre, truly under the radar on this forum, presents fantastical scenarios such as guy with sword fight monsters, truly a far cry from the games of our own culture. Still, these games tend to have very good soundtracks and if you do some digging, you just might find some gold.

So let’s do it, to it, you Spoony Bards. This is a reference. To game.

The Rules

Show your four tracks in this thread by linking to a youtube/bandcamp/etc. Deadline is Wednesday May 18th. Remember to post your nominations as a list of links, and not a list of embeds!

Q: Is this just limited to video game music?

A: Yes, this one is only games

Q: So any JRPG game?

A: Yeah. And if you are wondering “Does ______ count?”, sure, I’m not picky.

Q: Can I include covers?

A: Sure

Q: What if the game is technically not Japanese but is clearly a non-Japanese game influenced by Japanese games?

A: Go for it.

Q: I know there are some songs that we can’t use (see below) because they already won. But can we include COVERS or REMIXES of that song?

A: Look, things are pretty loosey goosey around here, go for it.

The only thing that you can't do that fits within this category are these previous winners.

Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest
Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace
Undertale - Core (I know it's not Japanese but it's kind of in the spirit of the thing)
Wild Arms - Migrant Bird of the Wilderness
Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme
Dark World - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [Mariachi Entertainment System cover]

Let’s all have fun. Here are some ideas if you need them.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to say how many to submit. Upwards of 4. Thanks.
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Johnny Unusual

Johnny - why didn't you update the dome nomination thread again? And are TRPGs eligible?
Sorry, when I put things on hiatus due to lack of participation, I assumed I'd just do one in a month. It really didn't occur that people's circumstances might change. I generally don't like making unilateral decisions so if people would rather I open it up in case someone else has something they want to do, please let me know, I don't like taking people's hosting opportunities away from them.

And TRPGs is fine.


IIRC the one hard and fast rule for the Top 50 list was No Zaldos.

Gonna take some time on this one. So much great music to choose from.


the titular game boy
The first link is to the song on Spotify, and the other three are to that song on YouTube.

thanks. Fixed it. The spotify version is from the official soundtrack, and has actual vocals -- couldn't find that one on youtube. Not sure how I borked the other three links though.


The Shogun of Harlem
FFXIV Spoilers, first two are from the most recent Alliance Raid and have video so don't LOOK at them if you care about spoilers, 3rd is an area from Endwalker but it's the first place you go at the beginning so kinda minor spoilers there, last is from 2014 (?) content. Make sure you listen to the whole thing for that one, you'll like the surprise

FFXIV - In The Balance
FFXIV - Pilgrimage
FFXIV - The Ewer Brimmeth
FFXIV - Oblivion
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A Bard Named SPOONY
The 'Shadowbringers' track you linked is the opening movie version, Alixar, not the final boss version. The final boss version is titled 'Who Brings Shadow' and starts with the guitar and doesn't have the Crystal Tower motive towards the end of the loop. Similar to my problem though (I wanted to use 'Endcaller') it might be tough to find one that doesn't have spoilers in the video itself or even the title.

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
I love video game covers, so I have a feeling most of these will be covers, but let me see...

(1) The Days When My Mother Was There (Persona 5) covered by J-Music Ensemble
(2) Presentiment/Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger) covered by The Hit Points
(3) National Park (Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal) covered by insaneintherainmusic
(4) Neuga, Ziena, Zieber, Zom... (Magus Confronted, from Chrono Trigger) covered by OC Jazz Collective

I know in terms of songs and games these are pretty chalk picks, but I hope that the covers expand your horizons a bit!