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Fantasy Video Game Thunderdome Nomination Thread - MP Stands for Music Power

Johnny Unusual


"Ho, adventurer! Methinks you may join me on an aural adventure through a pixelated fantasy realm. Can you help me save the kingdom from the evils of... evil? Shall we battle dragons, goblins and wizards in our quest? Then onward warrior, to a world of fun and whimsy or something!"

Fantasy might be the most common genre (in the storytelling sense) in video games... so lets pay tribute to it with a brand new thunderdome as we return to music!

Show your four tracks in this thread by linking to a youtube/bandcamp/etc. Deadline is Monday, March 14th. Remember to post your nominations as a list of links, and not a list of embeds!

Q: Is this just limited to video game music?
A: Yes, this one is only games

Q: So any fantasy game?
A: Yeah. Don't limit yourself to RPGs or anything. It doesn't need to be conventional high fantasy. Feel free to think outside the box

Q: Can I include covers?
A: Sure

Q: What if the game is largely not fantasy but has fantasy elements like Double Dragon III?
A:You can if the music nominated is connected to that element of the game

The only thing that you can't do that fits within this category are these previous winners.
Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest (Elemental Dome)
Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace (Elemental Dome)
Undertale - Core (Elemental Dome)
Wild Arms - Migrant Bird of the Wilderness (Elemental Dome)
Total Distortion - You Are Dead (Game Over Dome)
Castlevania - Wicked Child (Femaledome)
Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme (90sdome)

I hope we all enjoy this and find some cool music together. Here are some ideas if you need them.

Oh, and if you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate.

Johnny Unusual

If anyone wants to add a list that hasn't yet I'll probably start this a little later than planned due to my laptop likely being in the shop for at least a day or two.

Johnny Unusual

I was hoping to get my laptop back before starting this but I'll probably get going tomorrow. Anyway, anyone wants to add songs who haven't, please do.