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  1. narcodis

    From the people who brought you FF54JF: It's the FF1FCC

    http://fourjobfiesta.com/ff1fcc/ Lets go!
  2. Lance Noble Aster

    Notes On My Experiences Revisiting Final Fantasy Tactics

    Notes On My Experiences Revisiting Final Fantasy Tactics OR... Why Burst Damage And Playing By The Rules Is Bad OR... Fuck Holy Sword Skills, Like What The Actual Fuck, Game For context, I am playing Final Fantasy Tactics with a varied squad of about ten units that fill different combat niches...
  3. Fredde

    An important update regarding the Vagrant Story action figures

    Any argument of "no, it just looked like that due to the low resolution on the PS1" can finally be put to rest.
  4. spines

    Legend of Mana: Remember me! Need me! I am love.

    I really wanted to make a thread with this title. And this game deserves it. Continued from the old Kawazu thread, since now the SaGa thread is just the SaGa thread. (Though maybe I'll post about Last Remnant there whenever I finally play it.) (But maybe not.) I know we also had the old fun...
  5. Red Silvers

    Kingdom Hearts Series! Donald said "Organization" and I died.

    I made the long running Kingdom Hearts thread on the old forum and by god did that thread deliver once GoggleBob got involved. And in relevant news I just picked up both 2.8 and 3!
  6. Octopus Prime

    The SaGa Thread

    I may not be the biggest fan of the series on TT (I try, though) but then I found out that all the GB games are getting released as The Collection of Saga in December and realized that Talking Time needed to be told.
  7. Issun

    The Ultimate Final Fantasy Thread: This Guy Are Knock You All Down

    The 30th Anniversary of the original's U.S. release passed recently, and murmurs of FF XVI are on the horizon. This is your one stop shop for general news and discussion for the greatest video game series of all time (at least I think it is).
  8. Vega

    Trials of Mana

    I'm thinking of making my next two playthroughs an all boys team and an all girls team. I heard somewhere that those have unique intra-party chat. Do they? Are there any other unique characteristics to those teams?
  9. Lokii

    15 Silver Points Was Never Enough ~ Chrono Anniversary Thread

    It's the 25th/20th anniversary of some good games. Let's continue our fond reminiscences. Thanks to the other thread I've been all atwitter about Chrono Cross. It's a game I played more than a fair amount in the early aughts but one I haven't touched in a good decade at least. I haven't given...
  10. Positronic Brain

    Xenogears: Greatest Game Of All Time Or Best Game Of All Time?

    Please discuss. That said, listening to the Chrono Cross podcast in Retronauts, it reminded me on how similar the plot of those games are. I wonder if Masato Kato reused the plot because he wanted to have another shot at it or because it was so good it had to be used twice. even if he had to...