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Kingdom Hearts Series! Donald said "Organization" and I died.

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
I made the long running Kingdom Hearts thread on the old forum and by god did that thread deliver once GoggleBob got involved.

And in relevant news I just picked up both 2.8 and 3!


I hope the upcoming rhythm game has plenty of vestigial RPG nonsense and equal portions of Disney music and Shimomura music.


Find Your Reason
I hope the upcoming rhythm game has plenty of vestigial RPG nonsense and equal portions of Disney music and Shimomura music.

Chain of Memories was advertised as basically "reliving" KH1, but in Yu-gi-oh form, then it became the fulcrum of Nomura's black-cloaked madness.

Melody of Memories will surely introduce the white-cloaked Club 7, and songs will be interspersed with cutscenes where Kairi and Riku share utterly impenetrable dialogue with the FF cast to figure out just WHAT Sora was trying to do when he originally lived those scenes.

Can't wait!


At the moment it looks like Kairi's break-out starring role in a game where she sits in a sci-fi La-Z-Boy and watches Sora's home movies.


Find Your Reason
"Sora's adventures in Atlantica are nice and all, but what if we set them to some music?"

"Kairi, those adventures WERE musicals."

"I mean music I like."

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
So now that's sunk some time into it: Melody of Memory is pretty great. It's not QUITE the same as Theatrhythm but it's pretty close!


The Goggles Do Nothing
I try to stick to a FAQ format for most any Kingdom Hearts post
But some come out a little different than most
Some say the next Kingdom Hearts is but a song
And, for anyone curious, they’re not particularly wrong
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a rhythm game
It’s Theatrhythm: Kingdom Hearts in all but name
And if you’re looking for a fun time, it’s a can’t-miss
It’s great gameplay with a soundtrack that is bliss
Though that depends on how much you love the franchise
And whether you dream of sailing Chip n’ Dale’s skies
Or if you hum the Traverse Town theme to sleep
Or count Meow Wows instead of sheep
And you can play as Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Roxas
And use all their friends to smash heartless and boxes
This is pure, unfettered Kingdom Hearts nostalgia
Looking for something else will cause psychalgia

But, as is ever common here
Nomura wants your ear
Yes, this game is nostalgia with a plan
(Even if we’re not going to include Tarzan)
See, at the end of KH3, Sora went missing
So it’s up to the girl that he should be kissing
To sort through her boyfriend’s thoughts
And find a memory that connects the dots
To find where her poor Sora has gone
And to make the time before KH4 drag on

And to Kairi’s credit, she does find that important key
It just happens to be something Sora would never see
The answer was always in Kairi’s memories
And how “Ansem” planted one most cleverly
Back when our heroine’s planet heard its final knell
And the villain rocketed Kairi away like Kara Zor-El
Seems Xehanort was aware of other universes beyond their own
Worlds where a Gummi Ship has never flown
Places that appear in their own universe as mere fiction
But are real on the other side of this barrier’s restriction
So if Sora can’t be found
That is where he must be around

And, by the end, our heroes have a new world to see
(And if you want to know how, be sure to buy KH3’s DLC)
Riku ventures forth to a whole new place
And Kairi stays home to, I don’t know, wash her face
And maybe the next adventure will truly let her participate
As opposed to just sticking her on the cover like fan bait
But if you’re looking for more plot, that’s all you’ll find
Because this whole game takes place in Sora’s mind

But there is an unexpected bonus to this whole affair
And that’s the way the recap focuses on the joy and despair
Unlike a certain handsome blogger’s focus on franchise phantoms
This story wastes no time on the differences between different Ansems
The whole tale of Kingdom Hearts is told from I to III to 358/2 days
And it features not the bad guys, and all of their wily ways
But the trials, tribulations, and feelings of our idols
Because Kingdom Hearts was never about lore bibles
It was always about a trio of separated teens
And how they reconciled through any means
And they made friends and enemies along the way
But didn’t let any silly Organization ruin their day

Kingdom Hearts always had Disney and Square
And bad guys in cloaks with dubious hair
But it was never about Mickey, Ansem or all the rest
It was about a boy, a girl, and a boy that thought he knew best
And Melody of Memory takes the time to remind us all
That this franchise is more than a lore wrecking ball
It’s about the people that have caused us to care
And the pain that we all share

So, maybe this interpretation of a silly rhythm game is wrong
But I still think, at the very least, it is a game worthy of a song
And I might still be working out the key to its chorus
But that’s only because we’re trying to find our Soras


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
Finally got a chance to play 0.2 and 3 thanks to Gamepass. Not exactly the smartest take, but 3 so far seems to be 50% inscrutable cutscenes with a dash of Disney/50% screen clearing special attacks.


Discovered Construction
what an amazing post gogglebob.
I finished Kingdom Hearts 3 on normal w/o any DLC and w/o any secret endings. It was ok.
I think, mechanically, i would enjoy the endings with a higher challenge than normal provided, I liked it better when the triangle button was reserved for things I always wanted to hit immediately, but I didn't have to scroll through the command menu in real time, so that was nice.
The worlds were big and beautiful and fun to explore. The pacing felt a little off. Either too fast or too slow. The worlds went by too quick but somehow drug on a little too long. Some worlds that end up being just a boss battle i would have liked to spend a bit more time with. The number of disney worlds felt a little thin, but what was there was really nice.
The story was decent. It was nice to get to see all the bits from all these other games get tied up or come back. The actual conclusion of the narrative was fine. Everything happened that needed to happen. I'm glad its (mostly) finished. I can get off this ride at this point and be happy with the story being concluded as far as I'm concerned if I want to.