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An important update regarding the Vagrant Story action figures


Citizen of Gotham

Any argument of "no, it just looked like that due to the low resolution on the PS1" can finally be put to rest.


Gravity is overrated.
Impressive and curvy dedication to source material.

And reminder of very few people saying 'NO!' to artists of 90s JRPGs. I miss it!


Citizen of Gotham
Not to mention the constant riding up. But I guess that's just one of the risks of being a Riskbreaker.


Summon for hire
Well, Zef beat me to the obvious punchline while I was offline over the weekend.

But anyway, thanks for bringing to my attention more things I want that apparently now fetch well into three figures on ebay.

Paul le Fou

Aside from the cover image, which I think can be interpreted as "just a light clothing color", I haven't seen any other official artwork of Ashley where his behind is visible.
He's even doing the comic-book-woman spine-bendy "front-on stance but still show off the ass" pose. Amazing. This is pure beefcake character design and you know what, it's not my thing but we need a lot more of it.



Citizen of Gotham
He's even doing the comic-book-woman spine-bendy "front-on stance but still show off the ass" pose.
Speaking of which, there was a short american Vagrant Story comic tie-in with the game, drawn in typical 90s style. Sadly, I haven't found any images from it that shows Ashley from behind. As a matter of fact, there seems to be some pages that suggest that the artist didn't want to draw him below the waist at all. Is it because of Liefeldian incompetence, or were they perhaps unsure if they could do Ashley's magnificent posterior justice?