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are you ready for some food polls?

  1. Torzelbaum

    some dishes just can't be topped - talking about cheese pizza

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day - meaning just a "base" pie with no additional toppings. Some people appreciate the simple purity of pizza that is only dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Does that apply to you? Do you have a favorite cheese pizza? Note: Four cheese pizza does not count as...
  2. Torzelbaum

    A day for bonless white meat fried chicken pieces that are too large / long to be nuggets

    Today is the National Day for these but what should we call them? And if you eat them then do you like them with sauce(s)? What sauce or sauces do you like with them?
  3. Torzelbaum

    Don't get left behind - talking about a tomato-based condiment

    Today is National Tomato-based Condiment Day. Now you know the one I'm talking about - the one with the name that ends with 'up'. But how do you start that word? Like many things it seems that nobody can agree on exactly how it's name should be spelled.
  4. Torzelbaum

    egging you on - asking about eggs

    Thanks for the reminder, Johnny. So how do you take your eggs? Bonus questions: Do you like omelettes? What styles or varieties do you like? What do you like in and on them?
  5. Torzelbaum

    Are you good to go with garlic on bread?

    Today is National Garlic Bread Day. Do you enjoy this as a side dish/appetizer? Or do you eat it as an entree?
  6. Torzelbaum

    chips and dips

    Today is National Chip and Dip Day. Do you dip? And if you do dip then what chip and dip combos do you usually go for? Also, are you a big dipper or a little dipper?
  7. Torzelbaum

    Concerning a food product made from a nut-like thing

    Hey you goobers. Did you know that today is National Peanut Butter Day? So how do you like your peanut butter?
  8. Torzelbaum

    the hot cakes are selling but what's on top of them?

    It's National Pancake Day so let's see what we like to have on our diner breakfast.
  9. Torzelbaum

    gyros - is it their turn?

    Opa! Today is National Gyro(s) Day so I was curious to see how you all feel about the Greek version of doner kebab. (I think we all already know how @Becksworth will respond.)
  10. Torzelbaum

    (milk)shaking things up

    Today is National Milkshake Day so I thought I'd see how you all like to consume milkshakes. And another question in addition to the poll - what's your favorite milkshake flavor / flavors? I mostly just go with the classic chocolate but will get strawberry from time to time.
  11. Torzelbaum

    A Q about Q, BBQ that is.

    So in honor of National Barbecue day I wanted to see what and how you like to eat your barbecue / BBQ. Note: You can vote for more than one meat but I didn't think to make the poll question reflect that. Combo platters are always nice. So in addition to the poll question, here are a few other...
  12. Torzelbaum

    breakfast at the diner

    So you have stopped at the diner for breakfast and are in the mood for something cooked to order, starchy and sweet. So what are you having, dear?
  13. Torzelbaum

    pizza - what's a nice slice for you?

    In honor of National Pizza Day I have decided to see how we like our pizzas to be cut (into wedges).
  14. Torzelbaum

    Where do the scoops go?

    In honor of National Ice Cream Day (the third Sunday in July) I wanted to see how we all take our ice cream. And here are the different types of cones just in case you didn't know which is which. cake / wafer cone: sugar cone: waffle cone:
  15. Torzelbaum

    How do you eat your french fries, Tyrants?

    In honor of national french fry day I want to know how you go about eating an order of french fries. I eat mine either one at a time or a few at a time. And some bonus questions - what condiment(s) do you have with/on your fries? And do you cover the fries or dip them in the condiment? For me...
  16. Torzelbaum

    Fried chicken - what's your two piece?

    Once again to celebrate national fried chicken day I have a question for all of you. Whether it's a meal, dinner, combo, platter or basket (or whatever) - when you are getting a menu item with two different pieces of fried chicken that you can choose then what is your go to choice? And what are...
  17. Torzelbaum

    Nuts and nut-like things

    Sometimes you feel like a nut. But which one? That's the question I am asking in honor of National Nut Day.