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What kinds of nuts and nut-like things do you like to eat?

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Sometimes you feel like a nut. But which one? That's the question I am asking in honor of National Nut Day.


Oh man, this got driven home for me when I had to have oral surgery this summer. No solid foods of any kind for two weeks, then 6 weeks of nothing crunchy.

I knew I liked having nuts as a snack but holy shit I was going insane since I couldn't eat them at all.

Oh, and I highly recommend the Nature's Garden nut/berry mixes. We used to have big bulk Costco-brand trail mix at work and switched to these individual packets after COVID. They're really good!
Walnuts are the only thing on that list I'm not particularly fond of. There's no quicker way to ruin perfectly good brownies or chocolate chip cookies. I find I do like them in certain savory dishes. My three favorite nuts/nut-likes are cashews, almonds and peanuts.


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Roasted chickpeas, or almonds/cashews with unusual seasoning (lemongrass, cardamom, wasabi, etc) are my go-to nut-like things. A local shop makes roasted banana + rum seasoned cashews and I have to focus before I inhale the whole bag.


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Considering I'm deathly allergic to most tree nuts, I would agree with Torzelbaum. I'm still mildly allergic to a lot of legumes/seeds though I can still eat a bit of peanut butter and the like before it hits me.


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It's fine! I've just had a few close calls with walnut-mixed brownies because it's such a common and no-thought addition that no one ever really thinks to ask if there's nut allergies around.


Anyone else like butternut squash seeds? I keep meaning to do fancy things but in practice they just get nommed immediately.


Anyone else like butternut squash seeds? I keep meaning to do fancy things but in practice they just get nommed immediately.

We don't have butternut squash much, it never occured to me to try the seeds. I'll have to toast them or something next time.