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the hot cakes are selling but what's on top of them?

What's going on them cakes? (Or that waffle or french toast)

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For the "something else" category, I would use chocolate syrup.


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My preference is "something else", which is to say strawberry jam, although I will also use real or fake maple syrup is that's all that's available.

Also, my SO's mother makes crepes with banana and caramel and that's very yummy.

And she would like me to add that, if she were voting, it would be for the terrible butter crime.


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Butter and maple syrup usually. Sometimes those and fresh fruit. If we're doing waffles then it's peanut butter and maple syrup. On the rare occasion some whip cream.


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How are chocolate chips not on this list?

Granted lots of the time I’ll just go with the maple syrup. But if we’re fancying it up, then also fruit, whip cream, and chocolate.


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(he, him, his)
How are chocolate chips not on this list?
There's a limit on how many options there are for these polls so I just went with the ones that I had thought of first. And I was thinking more about what goes on these foods instead of in them. But some of the items from the list could be added either way.
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Summon for hire
Oh, I've definitely had chocolate chips on top. If you put them on a waffle they slip right into the dimples and melt!

Paul le Fou

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Some of the best pancakes I ever had were ube pancakes (purple) with, instead of a syrup, a mirror-glaze ube cream/frosting/stuff poured over the top. They were also the most beautiful pancakes I ever had.

But typically I like 'em with real maple syrup and sometimes butter.