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  1. Kazin

    The Nintendo 3DS is dead. Long live the 3DS!

    Nintendo is apparently discontinuing the 3DS line, which brings to an end the dual screen era, one of my favorite eras of games. Let's talk about it here. I put the most hours into Animal Crossing, but Theatrhythm Curtain Call is one of the best games ever made and is also way up there. The RPG...
  2. BEAT


    If you play on Quickplay with nothing but Pokemon Balls and assist Trophies, you're a sick son of a bitch and I hate you personally.
  3. FelixSH

    StarTropics is pretty hard

    I'm playing StarTropics for the first time ever. It's fun, in the way NES top-down action games are, but it is also pretty brutal (especially the bosses) and sometimes just mean. In the first dungeon, there is a secret room with a potion(?). From that room, you get to another secret room with...
  4. Sprite

    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

    It's a prequel to Breath of the Wild that will show how our heroes completely beefed it against Ganon. Neat! So far Link, Zelda, and the four champions are all playable. Here's hoping they bring in non-BotW characters as well for other modes. They haven't announced if there will be other modes...
  5. ReyVGM

    Lies games have fed you: Pit (from Kid Icarus) is not based on Icarus, but on Eros.

    Despite what game name says, Pit —the main character from the Kid Icarus franchise— is not based on Icarus from Greek mythology (at least not originally), but on Eros (Greek)/Cupid (Roman). The original Japanese name for the game is A Mythology of Light: The Mirror of Palutena, and there is no...
  6. Exposition Owl

    Making Marios: The Super Mario Maker 2 Thread

    I just picked up a copy of Mario Maker 2, and I’ve got a hankering to play some levels made by Talking Tyrants. If you have any creations you’re particularly proud of, or even if you’ve come across other people’s levels that you especiallyplease post them here! Mods: I wasn’t sure whether this...
  7. Bongo

    What's wrong with New Super Mario Bros.?

    Well, really nothing's wrong with them per se. I've long been a defender of this sub-series. NSMB Wii is a superbly designed platformer, and since it's about 60% the same game as NSMB U, so is that one. NSMB2's quirky score attack gimmick goes a long way to shoring up its more perfunctory...
  8. Lakupo

    Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct: Oh god, I'm old now... *hyperventilates*

    Super Mario 3D World+ next Spring isn't surprising... a Tetris 99 Mario battle royale? That's surprising!
  9. MCBanjoMike

    It'sa me, Kaizo Mario!

    A funny thing has happened to me in recent years: I've started to take more and more enjoyment in mastering games I love, rather than trying to play as many different games as possible. It's probably my son't fault, to a certain extent, since he'll ask me to play the same game over and over...
  10. Kiyone

    ASS OUT, IN-SERT - Ring Fit Adventure

    Just a thread to continue the Ring Fit Adventure talk from the old country and to ask all your most burning questions: Are squats worth having in your Fit Skills with the amount of them you do in stage traversal? What is the worst mini-game and why is it Squattery Wheel? What in the world are...
  11. Becksworth

    The Nintendo Thread of Existential Doom

    Time for the general Nintendo thread! Discuss Nintendo Switch and beyond here. Speaking of beyond, Switch Pro rumors are making their rounds again.
  12. MetManMas

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Public Trading Thread Mk2!

    Same basic idea as the old thread: Let people know about junk you're interested in acquiring and maybe someone can help you out.
  13. Red Silvers

    Red will never 100% Hyrule Warriors (but let's talk about it anyway!)

    Hyrule Warriors came out on the Wii U in September 2014, and this game caught my eye immediately when I played the demo at Best Buy, enough that I immediately got the game and ordered all the DLC at that point (I think when I got the game, the Master Quest DLC had just been released). As an...
  14. Bongo

    Pokémon Generation VIII

    Sword and Shield came out late last year. Earlier this summer, in lieu of a "third version" or sequel, the Isle of Armor DLC was added; in the fall, we expect the Crown Tundra DLC.
  15. aturtledoesbite

    It's time to fold a new Paper Mario: the Origami King thread.

    It's the new Mario game starring that mustache guy, Red Luigi! I know people have been talking about it on Ye Olden Lande, but I figured I'd make a thread here to keep discussion going, because no seriously guys the game is pretty good.
  16. Issun

    Waiting for Gadolt: LttP Xenoblade Chronicles

    Still chugging away, though I think I'm pretty close to the end. I'm in chapter 13. I've just realized how much the characters have grown on me. My level is mid-upper 50s right now. What is the average level for finishing the game?
  17. Daikaiju

    The Legend of Zelda Mega-Thread: A Collection of Links

    So as noted elsewhere, BotW 2 is in active development. Anyone got some juicy details?
  18. Kishi

    The Nintendo Gigaleak of July 24, 2020

    I was asked to repost this thread, so here it is. New findings from this leak are still being posted regularly, but here's the story so far:
  19. MetManMas

    Animal Crossing General: New Horizons in our New Horizon!

    Welp, someone had to make it. Anyway, continue the New Horizons talk here or talk about the gacha or 3DS game or whatever.