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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Public Trading Thread Mk2!


(He, him)
Same basic idea as the old thread: Let people know about junk you're interested in acquiring and maybe someone can help you out.


(He, him)
My forgery collection is almost complete!

All the fake statues are accounted for!

The paintings...uh, not so complete yet.

I am interested in acquiring the following forgeries:

  • Amazing painting
  • Basic painting*
  • Detailed painting
  • Graceful painting*
  • Wistful painting
If Redd had any of these in stock on your island when he drops by, or if you have some fake art you don't want or are willing to trade for something, please let me know! I'd love to have a full collection in my basement.

* If you're giving or trading me phony art and have multiple pieces, these ones are higher priority 'cuz I don't have them in the catalog yet.


Looking for rattan stools - brown, reddish brown, light brown. Please and thank you!


Same as I ever was
Redd's on my island today, but I don't remember what he has. I'll try to open it up later so you can drop by.


(He, him)
Looking for rattan stools - brown, reddish brown, light brown. Please and thank you!
Sent you the brown and light brown. If you've got one I could use any of the brown rattan beds. Preferably regular brown (close to a full set) but I'm missing all three brown shades.

Also if anybody has one I'm looking for the brown rattan table too. And for anyone who's interested I have the entire gray rattan set and all six colors of rattan towel basket.
Redd's on my island today, but I don't remember what he has. I'll try to open it up later so you can drop by.
Sure, I'll drop by.


(He, him)
Anybody got a brown rattan low table? Only one I need to finish another set of rattan variations. I've catalogued a lot of rattan stuff, so if there's anything in particular you'd like in exchange I'll see what I've got.
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(He, him)
Anybody got an extra Taurus or Virgo fragment? I only need one of each.

I'd be happy to trade a couple of Cancer, Leo, or Aries* fragments for one or both of them. Or if you just want some regular or large star fragments I can do that too.

* Aries is first come, first serve; only got two.


(He, him)
New forum, new lists of junk I'm looking for! Bolded stuff is higher priority if you got it. If you'd like anything in return just give me an idea what you're looking for; got lots of stuff.

Amp (Brown, Red)
Analog kitchen scale (Yellow)
Anthurium plant (Pink)
Antique bureau/chair/clock/mini table (Black)
Baby bear (Checkered, Floral)
Barbecue (Yellow, Black, White)
Bathroom sink (Beige, Black)
Beach chair (Yellow)
Box corner sofa (Magenta)
Broom and dustpan (Colorful)
Bunk bed (Pink, Yellow)
Camping Cot (Any butSnow camouflage or pop pattern)
Cat tower (Brown, Pink)
Chalkboard (Math)
Coffee cup (Elegant, Rose)
Cute bed/sofa/tea table/wardrobe (Yellow)
Digital alarm clock (Blue, Purple)
Diner counter chair/sofa (Yellow)
Diner dining table (Black)
Dolly (Pink, Purple)
Effects rack (Orange)
Elaborate kimono stand (Hawk, Wisteria)
Exit sign (The one with both arrows on it)
Fancy violin (Natural)
Flashy-flower sign (Pop)
Floor light (Orange, white)
Floor sign (Any but No Entry)
Fragrance diffuser (Pink)
Fragrance sticks (Blue)
Gears (Wooden)
Glass holder with candle (Green, Pink)
Hourglass (Natural)
Incense burner (Cherry blossoms)
Laptop (Gold, Pink)
Light switch (Wood grain)
Lighthouse (Yellow)
Mama bear (Cream)
Menu chalkboard (Red)
Mini fridge (Wood grain, Yellow)
Mixer (Strawberries)
Mobile (Gorgeous, Sheep, Space)
Monster statue (Brown, Red)
Mountain bike (Yellow)
Papa bear (Checkered, Choco, Tweed)
Phone box (Gold)
Plastic pool (Orange, Polka dots)
Playground gym (Colorful, Green)
Pool (Brown)
Portable radio (Yellow)
Pot rack (Stainless steel)
Rattan low table (Brown)
Refrigerator (Yellow)
Rotary phone (Yellow)
Screen (Bamboo, Dragon, Plum)
Soft-serve lamp (Chocolate swirl, Mango, Pale sky)
Soup kettle (Congee)
Springy ride-on (Dark brown, Red, White)
Street organ (Dark brown, Yellow)
Studio spotlight (Any but White, Orange, or Red)
Studio wall spotlight (Any but White or Red)
Study poster (Multiplication tables)
Synthesizer (Black, Silver, Yellow)
Throwback race-car bed (Green, Yellow)
Throwback wrestling figure (Pink)
Typewriter (Gold)
Upright locker (Yellow)
Utility pole (With ads)
Vacuum cleaner (Yellow)
Ventilation fan (Green, Orange)
Wall fan (Yellow)
Wall-mounted tool board (Yellow)
Whiteboard (Fact-finding meeting)

Lists for other stuff coming later.