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  1. SpoonyBard

    Game Builder Garage, a DIY sorta game

    Hey remember WarioWare DIY? Looks like Nintendo is taking another crack at that game-making portal thing:
  2. Lance Noble Aster

    Everyone should play Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls

    You know that guy from Link's Awakening, Richard? He's got all the frogs in his house, and you do like a golden leaf quest or something for him? Well. Turns out the reason he's in the game, is that he's the best frenemy from the game Link's Awakening's engine is based on: Frog for Whom the Bell...
  3. Olli

    Super Mario in SMB 1

    Is the 1-block high starter Mario in Super Mario Bros. a small person, or is Super Mario a giant?
  4. Peklo

    30 years of the Super Famicom

    Today is the day! Celebrate a system that is surely one of the foundational, or codifying, cornerstones of this forum's affinity for the entire medium, if past precedent has proven anything. Stick to the Japanese original, or tangent into the subsequent localized releases, it all derives from...
  5. Purple

    Any of you actually ever sit down and play Doki Doki Panic!? It's Different.

    So just on kind of a random whim, I just found an emulator that had FDS support and decided I'd actually play some Doki Doki Panic! The first thing I noticed is that the intro theme is a horrible tinny garbage tune that hurts my ears and I never want to hear it again. This was followed by...
  6. Jeanie

    The Fire Emblem Thread

    Figured the announcement of Nintendo translating the original Fire Emblem for NA was a good enough reason to start a thread on New Talking Time. Looks neat, I like the new features being added in (rewind, bookmarks, fast forwards), and I hope this sells well so we can get others like...
  7. Sprite

    Mario Kart Live: What Is This, a Kart for Ants?

    So I blacked out earlier and when I came to I had spent entirely too much money buying two Mario Kart Live sets to Kart Marios in my living room. For those who don't know, Mario Kart Live is an AR game where you spend $100 to get a lil' RC car to play actual Mario Kart in your actual...
  8. Mogri

    Mario 35 is actually really great

    So it turns out I'm basically the best Mario 35 player of all time, and I never would have known this if they didn't release Mario 35. I shouldn't give away all of my secrets, but I like you guys, so here we go. First, this is kind of obvious, but the goal is to be the last one standing. You...
  9. madhair60

    KIRBY KIRBY KIRBY!!! The awesome dude who sucks

    where's the Kirby thread? where is it. here's the Kirby thread! unless there's already one and I missed it in which case here is a second, deserved Kirby thread. Kirby Fighters 2 is out, and did you know - it is Good?
  10. Kazin

    LttP: Super Mario Odyssey - "That's my secret, Cap. I'm always platforming."

    I started this up last night after getting 120 stars in Mario Galaxy, and I'm having a good time with it. I'm hoping there's eventually some sort of guide to how many moons there are in each zone - I know there's supposedly a lot of moons in the whole game, but having unfrozen the ice in the...
  11. Dracula

    When you start a stage in Mario 64, Mario says "PICKLE"

    Change my mind Also, I now have the damn hootenanny music from Rainbow Ride permanently stuck in my head and it turns out there's yet another way to destroy vampires
  12. Kazin

    The Nintendo 3DS is dead. Long live the 3DS!

    Nintendo is apparently discontinuing the 3DS line, which brings to an end the dual screen era, one of my favorite eras of games. Let's talk about it here. I put the most hours into Animal Crossing, but Theatrhythm Curtain Call is one of the best games ever made and is also way up there. The RPG...
  13. BEAT


    If you play on Quickplay with nothing but Pokemon Balls and assist Trophies, you're a sick son of a bitch and I hate you personally.
  14. FelixSH

    StarTropics is pretty hard

    I'm playing StarTropics for the first time ever. It's fun, in the way NES top-down action games are, but it is also pretty brutal (especially the bosses) and sometimes just mean. In the first dungeon, there is a secret room with a potion(?). From that room, you get to another secret room with...
  15. Tegan

    The Old Grey Brick, She Ain't What She Used To Be - A Game Boy Thread

    aka "Tegan won't shut the fuck up about buying Game Boy cartridges so we might as well contain it to one thread." So I'm gradually amassing a quality Game Boy library, focusing on -but not limited to- the GBA. Just this morning I put in a pre-order for Limited Run Games' reprint of the original...
  16. Sprite

    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

    It's a prequel to Breath of the Wild that will show how our heroes completely beefed it against Ganon. Neat! So far Link, Zelda, and the four champions are all playable. Here's hoping they bring in non-BotW characters as well for other modes. They haven't announced if there will be other modes...
  17. ReyVGM

    Lies games have fed you: Pit (from Kid Icarus) is not based on Icarus, but on Eros.

    Despite what game name says, Pit —the main character from the Kid Icarus franchise— is not based on Icarus from Greek mythology (at least not originally), but on Eros (Greek)/Cupid (Roman). The original Japanese name for the game is A Mythology of Light: The Mirror of Palutena, and there is no...
  18. Exposition Owl

    Making Marios: The Super Mario Maker 2 Thread

    I just picked up a copy of Mario Maker 2, and I’ve got a hankering to play some levels made by Talking Tyrants. If you have any creations you’re particularly proud of, or even if you’ve come across other people’s levels that you especiallyplease post them here! Mods: I wasn’t sure whether this...
  19. Bongo

    What's wrong with New Super Mario Bros.?

    Well, really nothing's wrong with them per se. I've long been a defender of this sub-series. NSMB Wii is a superbly designed platformer, and since it's about 60% the same game as NSMB U, so is that one. NSMB2's quirky score attack gimmick goes a long way to shoring up its more perfunctory...
  20. Lakupo

    Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct: Oh god, I'm old now... *hyperventilates*

    Super Mario 3D World+ next Spring isn't surprising... a Tetris 99 Mario battle royale? That's surprising!