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Making Marios: The Super Mario Maker 2 Thread

Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season
I just picked up a copy of Mario Maker 2, and I’ve got a hankering to play some levels made by Talking Tyrants. If you have any creations you’re particularly proud of, or even if you’ve come across other people’s levels that you especiallyplease post them here!

Mods: I wasn’t sure whether this was the right subforum for this thread. Please feel free to move it if necessary.


Round and round I go
Staff member
They're not made by TT members, but you can't go wrong giving the 4YMM levels a try. They're varied, but they're all extremely creative, and each of them has a hidden cake to find.


Threat Rhyme
I said this a bunch on the old forums but I'll do so again here for posterity: It is utterly baffling to me that Nintendo hasn't made a Bookmark style web portal like they did with the first game to make sharing levels easier. Find level code on bookmark site, click to add it to your in-game queue. It was the easiest dang thing in the world and I am baffled it still doesn't exist for SMM2.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
My maker ID is VKS-SW2-1JG, with the name "giga idiot".

The levels of mine that I recommend most are:
  1. "Gruesome Grave" (4MP-12L-8VF), an autoscroller that tells a spooky story
  2. "Hat Track Attack" (SNN-PS7-WKF), wherein everything Mario knows is turned upside-down
  3. "Rocket Rush" (1DX-6PJ-0RF), an obstacle course based on the Bullet Bill hat