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Game Builder Garage, a DIY sorta game


Threat Rhyme
Hey remember WarioWare DIY? Looks like Nintendo is taking another crack at that game-making portal thing:



..and his little cat, too
I'm hearing that sharing may not be a thing here, though?

So it's closer to the custom track editor on Excitebike for NES.

...or Super Mario Maker for 3DS, I suppose.


You can share using codes.

This looks neat! Basically the Garage mode from Labo but you’ll actually be able to mess around with other folks’ creations. If nothing else it could be a fun programming toy for kids.


Summon for hire
Neat. Looks like both 2D and 3D engines in it, which is cool. Shame Nintendo's never any good with online sharing systems but I guess they don't want folks sending kids interactive penises all day.
Got my copy in the mail today, but I've only had a little time with it so far. Still in the first game making tutorial, the tag one. The node-based method makes it feel a bit like Unity for Kids, meant in the best way. Looking forward to really diving in, and seeing what other people make.