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  1. Violentvixen

    Auction of tons of animation stuff

    So there's an auction of about 2000 animation-related items that is an absolutely fascinating collection. Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner, 1930s-2000s, just a huge variety. Must have been a private collection. The descriptions of a lot of these are also really informative, which is a part I'm...
  2. Purple

    The most macho badass hardcore brutal anime ever was adapted into a stage musical.

    Yeah, that's right. Freakin' Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, reimagined as a bunch of people in dog-ear headbands singing at each other. For anyone who isn't following me/thinks I'm joking with that title incidentally, no for real, make the time, find some good fan subs, the '80s anime series this is...
  3. Mightyblue

    There's Giant Robots in Them Thar Hills; A Super Robot Wars Thread

    This is a thread for those games what feature strategical robot combat in griddle based fashion; To wit the first officially localized game in fifteen-ish years is coming out in October:
  4. Becksworth

    Move over Smash, I main Reptar now! Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

    I’m surprised no has posted this yet, as it seems like the talk of the internet. Ludosity, makers of Slap City are developing this, so it’s a team with Smash-like cred working on it. That said, the TMNT Smash-like game in the Wii had actually ex-Smash devs developing, and it ended up merely...
  5. Purple

    "Becoming an egg? OK... Getting fertilized? OK..."

    So a friend of mine just mentioned some fuzzily remembered episode of The Magic Schoolbus and it sounded entirely too implausible in entirely too many ways that this could possibly ever have been a real thing that was produced and aired. So naturally I did a quick search and found the whole...
  6. ArugulaZ

    Straight Outta Nowhere! Scooby-Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog

    Look, it's just a rumor currently and hasn't been confirmed by Warner Bros Time Warner AOL Time Warner WarnerMedia Warner Bros Discovery yet. But man, here's a crossover that actually deserves to be made. Tom and Jerry in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? No way. Jetsons Meet WWE? Fuhgettabout...
  7. Purple

    Short synopses of the 32nd season of The Simpsons

    I'm dealing with some nasty health stuff this week and apparently I'm bored enough as I recover to get morbidly curious enough to catch up on The Simpsons. I can't remember exactly when I stopped watching, but I think it was when Sideshow Bob used superscience to give himself gills and it wasn't...
  8. Sprite

    Masters of the Universe: Revelation

    It's... it's beautiful
  9. Purple

    Did you know Sailor Moon got a new dub without any weird edits?

    Smack me if I already made a thread for this, but recently-ish I randomly noticed that Sailor Moon was on Hulu. And furthermore, all of it, and further still, there is a new modern dub which doesn't make efforts to scrub away all the queerness and doesn't switch people's pronouns up. So I've...
  10. air_show

    Who are the great modern english voice actors?

    Ok, so here's what got me thinking along these lines. I'm indulging some childish nostalgia on Disney+ and watching bits of Duck Tales and other 80s/90s Disney cartoons and I recently watched the first episode of Tale Spin. Not a bad show. Great music, though I think the opening kind of sucks...
  11. air_show

    Which Original Duck Tales Episodes Are Must Watch?

    Ooookay, so here's the thing. Despite the fact that I will never "grow out" of watching cartoons I simply cannot go back to most 80's and early 90's cartoons. They tend to just age too poorly. So I'm not going to watch all hundred-ish episodes of the original Duck Tales...
  12. MetManMas

    Marsupilami is getting a pretty cool looking platformer!

    Marsupilami: Hoobadventure is coming on November 16th (In EU at least) with collector's editions! This is certainly a thing that caught me by surprise. I mean, the Marsupilami has been around since the 50s (I originally found this out years ago when searching for intel on Raw Toonage, likely...
  13. Octopus Prime

    The Slayers Group Watch Thread

    Hi! I'm Octo! And my single favorite anime series, ever, is The Slayers. The whole darn thing, really (Try has some thematic problems, but it's fine). And I have been hankerin' to rewatch it, as it's been a while since the last time I did. Furthermore, Slayers is a moderately popular 90s anime...
  14. Sarcasmorator

    Go Team Venturepocalypse!

    Comedy Central is making movies for Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse, which are the two animated series that got cut off before they could properly end, so I'm happy about that! Aqua Teen too, but they had a movie already so I'm less excited about that...
  15. Fyonn

    Digimon Bits and Bytes: A Thread About V-Pets and Related Hardware

    Recently, Serephine asked when I was gonna make a thread about all the weird Digimon stuff I find in pursuit of Digimon stuff I want. That's this thread! Mostly, it's going to be about Digimon V-Pets (which I think count as video games), but I'll also touch on other stuff and the console games...
  16. Johnny Unusual

    The Tuca and Bertie Thread - The Show With Tits and Boobies

    Hey, Tuca and Bertie will be on Adult Swim this Summer! The world deserves and needs more of this, so its good to see it come back.
  17. Patrick

    CAPTAIN YAJIMA! Featuring PROFESSOR GENIUS! (by Ian Worthington)

    This is incredibly good, and I’m pretty sure everyone here will love it.
  18. Octopus Prime


    I wanted to make a joke title, but couldn’t think of one that wouldn’t spoil things... Anyway, Rob Kirkmans Invincible recently got an animated adaptation on Amazon Prime, and of all of APs Deconstructive Superhero Original Series’ I would rank it... second best. And that’s only because I...
  19. madhair60


    First episode of new Harvey Birdman spin-off is on YouTube: Birdgirl S1E1 (Pilot) | adult swim - YouTube I enjoyed this a lot! The humour of Birdman is there but without the antiquated treatment of any and all women! (To an extent!) Any thoughts?
  20. Johnny Unusual

    The Jojo's Bizarre Threadventure - I get THAT reference

    Finally, we've got this franchise where we want it... behind bars.