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Go Team Venturepocalypse!


Same as I ever was
Comedy Central is making movies for Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse, which are the two animated series that got cut off before they could properly end, so I'm happy about that! Aqua Teen too, but they had a movie already so I'm less excited about that.



The Shogun of Harlem
As is well documented, I didn't care for VB past season 2, and at this point it's been well over a decade (probably closer to a decade and a half...?) since I've even seen season 1 and 2. So the VB news is Not For Me™, but I'm glad that all the people who DID like all the later stuff are going to get some closure. It did feel wrong to just...end it without a proper ending. I like Brendon Small so if he wants to do another Metalocalypse, that's nice but I doubt I'll watch it. Lastly, Aqua Teen is another thing I've "grown" out of and haven't watched in a long time, but given what Aqua Teen IS I think that'd be the easiest to jump back into, so I'm excited for that! If Mastodon does another song for them, or even the same one re-recorded, I would lose it


Same as I ever was
I like stories to be wrapped up rather than cut off, even if they're things I've somewhat moved on from (it's been years since I rewatched any of these and I have seasons to catch up on for VB and Metalocalypse, but I still enjoy this).
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Octopus Prime

One key difference is that Centure Brothers and Metalocalypse both had actual storylines they were working through.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force was a bit more loosey-goosey

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
I’m happy about this news! I am maybe too invested in Venture Bros.’s convoluted storyline and lore. Not having any kind of resolution felt wrong after following the show for nearly half my entire life. More Metalocalypse and Aqua Teen are never a bad thing, either.


Aqua Teen movie hits next month, and probably streaming next year. I done made a thread.

Anyway DEAR SWEET LORD I just remembered Venture Bros. falls under WB Discovery's jurisdiction. For all that is good and holy please let them finish the movie, you absolute monsters. This merger sucks.