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Oh yeah, it's also cool that Don't Nod is doing a narrative game that isn't LiS. Excited to see what they do with the genre when the expectations of their Big Name aren't attached. Also Lena Raine is doing the music so you know that's going to rule.

Someone forgot Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why, smh

(this might give you a hint about how their non-Life is Strange title might do lol)
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..and his little cat, too
I don't understand your point but ok
Games at retail always seem to go for multiples of $10 (barring that one psychological penny that makes you think you're paying less) -- a $20 game, a $40 game, a $60 game, a $70 game.

$75, as you stated, is not a multiple of ten, so they'd more than likely bump that price up to $80.

Which I think is a shame, since using fives instead of tens could make pricing more versatile and competitive, and they probably could have avoided the current round of sticker shock by getting there more incrementally than by making $10 jumps.


I cuss you bad
Apparently Nintendo was sitting on Prime Remastered for over a year, if this is to be trusted:

Reportedly, FE: Engage had this happen as well.

Really bizarre that Nintendo is sufficiently on top of their release schedule that they can afford to hide completed games in their back pocket like this.
Probably a good sign for a Switch successor if they have games in the tank on the Switch.


Geno Cidecity
Advance Wars was delayed due to war, maybe Metroid was delayed due to space pirates

*the weather balloon that got shot down was guerilla marketing for U2's concert voice* what does Nintendo know about the UFO that was downed in alaska
Playing Super Mario Bros 1-1 in the eReader Special levels made for Super Mario Bros 3. Advance for GBA, being emulated on Nintendo Switch. Getting several layers deep here, feels like Inception


Threat Rhyme
Dollars to donuts they'll also reveal the first Pokemon games added to GB/GBAflix. Maybe even the entire first generation and Fire Red/Leaf Green?


..and his little cat, too
We must go deeper...

Y'all see that Assault Suits Valken is getting a release for Switch? I was just wishing recently for exactly that. Pretty cosmic. Can't wait to scoop it


Sir Knightbot
Yeah, I'm pretty excited for it. The original NA 'Cybernator' release is adequate, but it will be great to have an official English version with the portraits and comm chatter restored. I'm also really looking forward to the Satoshi Nakai mechanical design docs and the new Urushihara art.

Though, to be honest, I hope this also gets a PC release some day, because I'd rather this not be confined to a console that will eventually fade away.


I picked up an OLED Switch and I wasn't expecting it to feel like as much of an upgrade as it does. It's making me wanna pick up some first-party games just to see those oversaturated Nintendo colours on that screen.

Also, the kickstand rules now. Weird thing to bring up but it makes that mode actually pretty viable.

At the same time; I kept thinking "is this thing heavier?" and it actually is about 0.04 pounds heavier. That doesn't sound noticeable, but I feel like I've been getting more tired holding it.


Anyone getting anything in the Mario Day Month sale? I picked up Luigi's Mansion 3 yesterday and I'm loving it. Might double-dip on Super Mario 3D World when that inevitably goes on sale.

Between this and my intention of buying a couple of vouchers soon, this has been a very Nintendo year for me for far.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Picked up Sparks of Hope, which isn't technically part of the Mar.10 sale, but they ain't foolin' nobody by saying it isn't.
I'm only buying 3DS games this month for obvious reasons. If any Mar10 games carry over past the 27th that I really want I might grab one or two.


perfect world
It's gonna be wild when Japan inevitably gets Mother 3 for NSO+ and we get, like, American Bass Challenge instead.


did i do all of that?
Kirby's Dreamland 2 rules. I'll have to give Burgertime Deluxe a chance - I just assumed it was a half assed Gameboy port and never gave it a look, maybe it's good?


not a frog
(He/Him + RT/artee)
From my understanding, both the GB Burgertime and Lock n Chase are at least slightly in the direction of DK94.


Eternal Skies
(he / his / him)
Side Pocket in the SNES is surprisingly good, actually (I spent like an hour goofing with it today). Burgertime Deluxe is fan-fucking-tastic and the best game in the series by a long shot.


Geno Cidecity
Dream Land 2 without Super GB coloration feels like a crime to me, and I realize that this is an insane thing to think but I do think it. I am not lying here, this feels akin to criterion releasing a cut of a film that was actually a handcam recording from a theater


Threat Rhyme
The lack of Super GB support in the virtual console and equivalents is really unfortunate. With the 3DS I could have bought technical limitations, perhaps, with the SNES architecture needing to play a role but I just don't see how that could continue to be a hurdle. KDL2 is really one of the games that just looked better for it.

I guess, though, there are just too few titles that DO make full use of it for them to go through the trouble to implement it. So, again, it's unfortunate.