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Two will enter, one will leave: The Thunderdome Thunderdome


Round and round I go
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Yep! Fixed, thanks.

Droopy dropkicks Miltank.
Vader younglings Haruhi.
Darkwing clips Mothman's wings.


Defeated: Julius Belmont

He flies! He sucks! He eats you, steals your powers, and beats you with them!

Homer Simpson
Defeated: Michael Scott

But Homer has no powers to speak of, and his appetite rivals Kirby's. As an added bonus, please weigh in on who would win in a Gourmet Race.


Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)
Defeated: Malenia

Alien space cop. Super speed, super strength, super guitar.

The Luggage (Discworld)
Defeated: The foot

Magic-immune homicidal suitcase that can eat just about anything.


Leona Heidern (King of Fighters)
Defeated: Galford & Poppy

Descendant of Orochi, whose powers give her crazy strength.

Link (Tears of the Kingdom)
Defeated: Ash

Has a magic prosthetic arm, whose powers give him mastery over, like, physics and machinery and stuff.


Sherlock Holmes
Defeated: Egg

Smart detective man, good at punching.

Caesar (Wargroove)
Defeated: Max

Commander dog, good at motivating others.

Votes due by end of day Sunday, November 26. This ends round two.
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Summon for hire
Behind on everything this week as I catch up from travel, so just gonna spew out some quick impressions:

A Gourmet Race between Kirby and Homer would be a dead heat until they start coming across things just too dang big for a human to even implausibly consume, at which point Kirby breaks out the amped-up super suction powers. In an actual confrontation, Kirby sucks in Homer easily, and Homer is just bemused by the situation. Tingly!
(As an aside, I feel like any "power" Kirby could absorb from Homer would put him at a disadvantage in any following match-up, but he can always be spit back out before then.)

I feel like Haruko could take Luggage. Luggage is fast but not nearly as agile or maneuverable. It's tenacious, but so is she. And she's tough enough to take a few bites and stand back up before pulling out some guns big enough to deal with it.

Going with Link over Leona largely on the strength of his more diverse toolkit, though if she amps up the Orochi powers she's certainly give him a run for his rupees and he'll come out of it quite a few hearts the worse for wear.

Sherlock vs Caesar is one of those matches that's a bit hard to make sense of, but I guess on some level they're both strategists. And even though Caesar is more focused on combat strategy, I feel like Holmes thinking several steps ahead could still come out on top one way or another.

Johnny Unusual

A Gourmet Race between Kirby and Homer would be a dead heat until they start coming across things just too dang big for a human to even implausibly consume, at which point Kirby breaks out the amped-up super suction powers. In an actual confrontation, Kirby sucks in Homer easily, and Homer is just bemused by the situation. Tingly!
Yeah, Homer's wackiness gives him a surprising advantage in some fights but he doesn't stand a chance against Kirby.

I feel like the Luggage is described as a force of nature. I think it takes this one.

Link's got enough variety in abilities to win this match, though I think it would be a tough one.

I don't know enough about Wargroove but I believe as smart as Sherlock is, he will fall to Commander Dog because despite him being a martial artist, the dog is trained for war.


not a frog
(He/Him + RT/artee)
Kirby, I dunno, Link, Caesar

idk I'd describe most of these match-ups as pretty one-sided, but I'd love to hear a dissenting opinion.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
battle of characters who eat a lot, were in multiple video games, have an animated series and have lots of RL merch:

Homer runs more on humor and cartoon logic and Kirby runs more on video game logic. In a straight up fight I think Kirby can win handily. In an eating contest / gourmet race I'm not sure how it would go down. I think it is equally funny if Homer underestimated Kirby and was surprised by how much he could eat or if Kirby was surprised that Homer could keep up with him. But I do think that ultimately Homer's human-esque physiology will reach its limits, he will get full and Kirby will win. Something else I could also see happening is Homer getting distracted like by an ice cream truck driving by the arena - Homer would run off to get ice cream (despite Marge yelling at him from the sidelines) and Kirby would be confused for a second but then also start running towards the ice cream truck. At that point it would be a race to see who gets there first. Kirby would try to use the Warp Star to beat Homer there but will be surprised when Homer defies all logic and can outrun that mode of transportation. Homer gets to the ice cream truck first but he was also the first to run out of bounds and be disqualified. Homer isn't mad about that because he still gets to have ice cream. And Kirby is happy because that's how he is, he won, he met a new friend and he got to eat a lot of food.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
match between video game characters whose names begin with L and are from series that have "of" in the title:
If Link was using a two-handed sword and wasn't able to block properly then I think Leona could beat him. But that would only happen if she could stun-lock or use a touch of death/100% combo on him. And I don't think she has anything like that. She could maybe blitz Link down if she was in the Orochi state but I think she either has to inflict a lot of self damage to enter that state or some arbitrary external plot trigger has to happen to awaken it - so it could be hard for her to do that on demand.

Link is used to lots of different types of fights so I don't think there's really anything Leona can do that would either outright surprise him or that he couldn't counter after initially being surprised. Link has lots of different longer ranged attack options that I don't think Leona has any answers for. So I think LInk will be able to kite Leona and chip away at her until she goes down. Link shows off his victory screen pose.
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????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Baritsu versus Bark-itsu:
Sherlock is 1 and 0 against dogs but that was an entirely different situation. (And didn't he have Watson's help with that?) Now I don't think Sherlock is a sentimental sap but I also don't think he would have much interest in attacking a dog that isn't actively trying to harm him or anyone else. Caesar is good at inspiring a large army while Sherlock is good at making other people respect his powers of deduction. For as good as Sherlock is at one on one fights I don't think his skills really extend to a battlefield level. Would Holmes try to get Caesar to fetch his stick or would he deduce that a ploy like that would be wasted on a trained and disciplined dog of war like Caesar? I see a lot of mutual wary circling going on for a while. But I think ultimately Holmes will get bored and question if this is really worth his time. I think he might decide to surrender the match and see what type of challenge he might be able to find in the losers' bracket. I guess you could say Caesar routed Holmes and has won the day.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
faceoff of characters with at least 1 U in their names:
This is one that I could see dragging on for quite a while. Both combatants can withstand and dish out quite a lot of punishment due to anime toon force and narrativium. I can see them trading blows back and forth and getting knocked all over the arena. There's no time limit or rounds* in this match so there's nothing stopping them from repeating that again and again. Luggage swallows Haruko but then she pops out of someone's forehead. Haruko tries to use her fanservicey seduction schtick but gets a bite on her bum for her trouble. Flying on her guitar or scooter might keep her out of The Luggage's range for a while but I think The Luggage could find some incredibly violent solution to that. And I think I've figured it out. Haruko is flying around taking potshots at The Luggage thinking that she can wear it down eventually but that's not going to happen. The Luggage crouches down and then uses all of its legs to jump really high up in the air. The Luggage isn't close to Haruko so she laughs at its failed attack but then she realizes The Luggage's plan when it slams back down into the ground unleashing a massive shockwave that shatters the arena and sends chunks of earth flying everywhere at high speeds. Those chunks bombard Haruko and bury / daze her long enough for the exhausted and exasperated ref to decide to call that a KO so that this match can end. The Luggage wins. (On a side note, I don't know the limits of Haruko's physiology but I think eventually she would get tired and lose. Also, I could see her getting bored or annoyed, decided she's had enough then taking her ball and going home.)

*Well, Haruko might make a round break occur just to be wacky but that could probably only happen once.
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