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octo does not do research

  1. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 08/13/2022: Doc Hopper Fled Across the Desert, and the Frogslinger Followed

    Well, look who the cat dragged in! So I skipped last week by merit of there being only one game worth commenting on (and then a couple of stealth releases after the fact), but this week doesn’t have that issue so I can mention it now! And it is Frogun! Which is to say “A Gun That is a Frog” and...
  2. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/29/2022: Time to Be Feeling Jokers

    Happy Shark Week to one and all! Kicking things off with the stealth update to NESflix last week, and it's... a real contender for being the most implausible update the service has had yet. ANd I know I say that every time, but *man* this is a weird selection; on the NES we have Daiva 6 (which...
  3. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/22/2022: Life and Death

    Keep your grades up and stay hydrated when you read this weeks thread and you can have one video game for dessert. Leading things off with a sneak release from last week, we’ve got the most recent N64 release for Switch Online; Pokémon Puzzle League! Which, y’know, is Panel de Pon, but with...
  4. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/14/2022: Clever Spiders...

    Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about moss. Why all the hubbub? So why don't we ease into things with a game about one of the animals people are most likely to describe as "good at jumping", the humble Frog. BY WHICH I MEAN, Time on Frog Island! Based on the trailer, it seems that...
  5. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/11/2022: The Ur-Meme

    Not gonna lie; kind of tempted to just sit this week out, as it is *scanty* First, and by far the most significant, the Switch Online service updated and correspondingly, we have an update to Genesflix; which came out of nowhere and contains four games; all of which are genuine surprises...
  6. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/01/22: A Friendly Game about Pals bein' Buds

    Okay... so... there's a Direct scheduled for the middle of me writing this post. Which is *for once* excellent timing because it means it won't be outdated the same day as I make it. Just gonna sit here, finger hovering over the Post Thread button, waiting for me to know what I missed. And it's...
  7. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/24/2022: Blue Streak, Scrap Brain, Can't Lose

    You want to know what kind of week this is? The thing in the headline is a collection of games I love greatly, some of which I haven't touched in years, and it doesn't even crack my top five On the subject of what DOES crack my top five for this week alone, we have three of them helpfully...
  8. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/17/2022: Rehashing the 90s is cool, but rude

    Kicking things off with one of the few games I determined to be "worth commenting on" and NOT based on an existing property this week, we have Lumbear Jack, which fits into the same niche as Untitled Goose Game or Donut County; where an adorable varmint (in this case, a bear) wreaks calamitous...
  9. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/10/2022: Jump-Men Can't Kick

    Did you know that in many cultures, the same word is used for "Video Game" as is used for "Corn"! It's probably true! Kicking off this week with a game that was surprise dumped into the eShop last night despite no forewarning of its existence; Lost Ruins! I'm not sure if it's in the same series...
  10. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/02/2022: Nobody puts Jimmy in a Power

    Other candidates for the thread title this week (courtesy of Wildcat, Hilene, Teg and Ixo); <madhair voice> Jim Power! Jim Power won't leave us alone Jimothy Powerful, Esq. Wonderboy in the Jim Power Dimension Jim Power and the Soldiers of the Futute The world looks at Jim Power and says "I want...
  11. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/28/2022: The Coen bros' classic, "No Madness for Old Marbles."

    That's right, this week we spotlight only the vidiest of games. Games like Touken Ranbu Warriors, which takes the Musou-em-up gameplay of every other Warriors game and attaches it to a franchise I had no idea existed until I started writing this very sentence. The first draft of this sentence...
  12. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/20/22: Games for every Tom, Nick and Faerie

    Welcome back to another award-winning* installment of the Digital Down-Low Thread Kicking things off with an unexpected, and delightful surprise of a re-release; Snow Bros: Nick & Tom Special; a remake of one of the better examples of the Single Screen Murd-em-up genre. Sure, Bubble Bobble is...
  13. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/14/2022: Hellabaroo

    Well, I've got a movie ticket for... 6 hours and 15 minutes from now. Let's try to get this thread written before then. So we're kicking things off with what is a contender for the longest single title I've had to write for one of these threads; Prinny Presents: NIS Classics Volume 2: Makai...
  14. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/07/2022: Does Philip K Dick dream of Electric Peeps?

    Teacher! Teacher! You forgot to assign us homework! Nintendo Switch Sports is the headliner this week, which really should have been the headliner last week, but, well, I missed it because the name and cover-art are painfully generic! This is either a remake, or sequel, or however you want to...
  15. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/30/2022: Mysteries of the Unknown (to me)

    I think the girl from Livin’ La Vida Loca has a bitter, passive-aggressive rivalry with the lady from Killer Queen. The Serpent Rogue, first off, has a *pretty cool* title. And also, it’s got a *real slick* art style, so aesthetically, it’s hitting all the right buttons. What we’ve got here is...
  16. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/22/2022: It's all thanks to the books at your local library!

    Happy Birthday, Drugs! Kicking things off with the crossover event of the century; Neptunia X Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars, the long-awaited (or not actively rebelled against, at least) spin-off of the Neptunia series of RPGs and the Senran Kagura series of beat-em-ups. My exposure to both series...
  17. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/15/2022: This Far, and No Farther

    Did you hear about all the sports games last night? It was a nail-biter! 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim leads the list this week, both alphabetically and in the sense that it’s the first thing I see in the eShop AND in the sense of being a part of this weeks apparent “protect a thing” theme! It came...
  18. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/08/2022: Like Sliders, if John Rhys Davies was Macavity

    I have no access to my laptop and so have to make due tippy- tapping this thread on just my iPad. But it’s a big week, so I couldn’t in good faith leave it to the wayside. So let’s kick things off with the most known property in this weeks new releases. Which is kind of odd as it’s a new...
  19. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/01/2022: The Real April Fool was inside us all along

    Well, the main headlining game i was looking forward to this week was delayed at the last minute, and I can’t access my computer room because of renovations, so this weeks thread is going to Wind up being weird to write and full of a lot more spelling and grammar errors than usual. Luckily, it’s...
  20. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 03/26/2022: Nobody puts Baby in a Folder!

    Yeah, news exciting games are out this week too, some of them look pretty cool, one is a highly anticipated new entry in a series I love but they're all tertiary; surplus to requirement. WE GOT FOLDERS ON THE SWITCH, BAY-BEE! FOLDERS! AT LAST! Our long national nightmare is finally over...