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final fantasy

  1. SpoonyBard

    The Yearly Four Job Fiesta, now with Remastered Pixels!

    So this is the first Four Job Fiesta since the release of the FF5 Pixel Remaster, who's playin'? Seems like there's a new Rule, Team 375. If you can do math then you'd know that's half of 750, which basically means instead of the All 750 jobs rule or the No 750 jobs rule this one will give you...
  2. gogglebob

    I will knock Chaos all down - Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise

    Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise is releasing this week, and I figure it should have its own thread as it will likely be the dominant Final Fantasy discussion for a solid six hours or so. Let's follow the fabulous adventures of Jack Garland and his band of lifelong friends that he just met...
  3. Vaeran

    Chocobo GP (Greedy, Predatory)

    Good news, everyone! Square-Enix's cute and nostalgic Mario Kart-alike is finally here! Bad news: Pretty much everything else about it! One hardly knows where to begin. You start by selecting one of your favorite classic Final Fantasy characters (like Shirma, Irma, Camilla, and Camilla's Pa)...
  4. Kalir

    Killing Chaos before it was cool: Let's Play Dawn of Souls FF1: Mod of Balance!

    Hey everyone! Let's play Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls... with a twist! Back when Final Fantasy first released, it was basically Square's last hurrah as a game developer, as all of their previous titles before that point had been unmemorable flops. To everyone's surprise, their literal Final...
  5. Falselogic

    You Will Be Knocked Down! Final Phebruary

    In the spirit of Megamas and Castleween I'd like to inaugurate next month as Final February! Wherein Tyrants play Final Fantasy games in order to preserve the Crystals and SAVE the World! Instead of defeating Robot Masters or defeating Draculas in the month of February it is our task to defeat...
  6. FelixSH

    I'm playing through all of Final Fantasy, and everyone is invited (Playing FF IX now)

    Some time ago, I made a thread where I said that I would play through the whole FF series in order, to get a look at how the series changed from game to game. The thread was there as a heads-up, if anyone wanted to join me. I'm still not quite sure about the details, but I'm going to start now...
  7. FelixSH

    Any interest in playing through all the Final Fantasy games together?

    Yesterday, I thought about Final Fantasy, a series that I love. I have played all the mainline games up to XIII, except for XI. I recently played X-2, so I still count this as having played the first 13 main FFs. Anyway, despite liking or loving all of these games, I haven't played them in...
  8. narcodis

    From the people who brought you FF54JF: It's the FF1FCC

    http://fourjobfiesta.com/ff1fcc/ Lets go!
  9. Lance Noble Aster

    Notes On My Experiences Revisiting Final Fantasy Tactics

    Notes On My Experiences Revisiting Final Fantasy Tactics OR... Why Burst Damage And Playing By The Rules Is Bad OR... Fuck Holy Sword Skills, Like What The Actual Fuck, Game For context, I am playing Final Fantasy Tactics with a varied squad of about ten units that fill different combat niches...
  10. gogglebob

    It's a Great Big World of Final Fantasy Out There

    Welcome to the World of Final Fantasy (Maxima)! So, what’s all this then? This is a very loose Let’s Play of World of Final Fantasy: Maxima. Loose? The participants are barely paying attention. I’m sure we’ll all care more when the plot ramps up into full wackiness… but no promises! So...
  11. Mogri

    Final Fantasy XVI

  12. Issun

    The Ultimate Final Fantasy Thread: This Guy Are Knock You All Down

    The 30th Anniversary of the original's U.S. release passed recently, and murmurs of FF XVI are on the horizon. This is your one stop shop for general news and discussion for the greatest video game series of all time (at least I think it is).
  13. Issun

    Patrick Stewart's The Butts of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

    Let's start with Lightning's butt. It makes farts sometimes. Please discuss.
  14. Falselogic

    LTLTTP Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age

    I got my second license boards for my party! I met people who wore masks with giant horns. Bunny people don't like me and I have to find out why! I still find the gambit system burdensome and unenjoyable! Powering through though! I'm going to beat this game this time!
  15. Octopus Prime

    Lightning Strikes Twice: A LttP Final Fantasy 13-trilogy Thread

    I'mma just do the ol' copy-past from that OLD AND BUSTED website we used to have back when we were living like medieval cavemen; And later that same day: AND NOW, the exciting Conclusion! Really appreciate the character and monster designs in this; for the most part, the game seems to...