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  1. Paul le Fou

    Gnosia; or, A Single-Player Mafia Game?!

    I finally caved to peer pressure from a chat group at work and got Gnosia and have been mainlining that since Thursday or so. It's a single-player Mafia game (or Werewolf, or Among Us, or however you identify "impostor deduction" games.) To sum up how it plays in an elevator pitch, it's kinda...
  2. Riot.EXE

    HIS REAL NAME IS "FREDERICK!?!": The Guilty Gear Series Thread...

    HEAVEN OR HELL! Swords and ideals will clash again on the battlefield April 9th, as GUILTY GEAR STRIVE drops! Are you excited for it? What about the other games in the series? All started on the ol' PS1 as one of those few "actually decent 2D fighting games" on the console, since those tended to...
  3. ThornGhost

    Evangelion 3.0+1.0 - Cruel angel's premiere

    Evangelion 3.0+1.0 finally has a release date - Jan. 23, 2021 (12321 OK we get it Anno symmetry or something) It also has a teaser trailer! Any thoughts? Looks like maybe a kind of thing? If you pause the trailer at :30, you can see the ship is .
  4. Kishi

    Sonic the Hedgehog OVA soundtrack unofficially released after 24 years

    In 1996, anime maker Studio Pierrot produced a two-episode Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. It was released outside Japan in 1999, most likely to capitalize on the release of the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure. The OVA is known for the song "Look-Alike," sung by Riyu Konaka, but no soundtrack or even a...
  5. Bongo

    The Legend of the Twelve Good Animes

    Long ago, when the earth was young, all peoples were united in peace and justice. And harmoniously they all came together to watch and praise twelve immaculate animes which were known throughout the world. Seeing their devotion, the gods grew jealous, and in their wrath they scattered all the...
  6. Mightyblue

    Char-clone #50: A Gundam thread

    Hey, it's a Gundam thread~ Last episode of Build Divers Re:rise is out this Thursday for free on the Youtubes, and it's a very solid series that gets across a lot of the themes of loss and redemption buried in most Gundam works, but in a lighter and more kid (and merchandising) friendly way. It...
  7. Kishi

    Osamu Dezaki Appreciation Station

    If the art form of anime had a Mt. Rushmore, Osamu Dezaki's face would be on it at least once—maybe twice. Known for his distinct visual style, he directed Aim for the Ace!, the back half of The Rose of Versailles, a handful of "foreign anime" including Rainbow Brite and Visionaries, several...
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Iaboo, Youaboo, Weallaboo for Anime!

    There, I made the dumbest anime thread title. I feel proud. A weird mix of shows getting delayed actually turned this into a pretty tight season. Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited is definitely the show I wanted it to be so far. The characters and stories are fun and while they keep...
  9. Falselogic

    ♫Kyun, kyun, kyun, kyun, Falselogic wa pairotto!♫ LTTP Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

    Season 1 Episode 10 - Blind Game Wow, the aliens thinking women in bathing suits is a new kind of weapon is something else, huh? As if any advanced society wouldnt think to weaponize sexuality?! Why was the raw video sent out to everyone in the first place? These aliens seem to have issues...