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  1. Büge

    Akira Toriyama, 1955-2024

  2. Tomm Guycot

    How Do You Live - the bucolic / horrifying world of Ghibli

    Saw Boy and the Heron yesterday (25 years after first seeing Totoro fwiw) and that is some movie. I am curious for your thoughts and interpretations, but this can also be a place to discuss Ghiblies in general.
  3. SpoonyBard

    Yo ho ho, he took a bite of live action Gum Gum! Talking about Netflix's One Piece

    Netflix's live action adaptation of One Piece hit the streaming service today, and I just watched the first episode. Now, there has been a number of live action anime adaptations on Netflix already and pretty much none of them were based on series that were seemingly as adverse to live action as...
  4. Purple

    The most macho badass hardcore brutal anime ever was adapted into a stage musical.

    Yeah, that's right. Freakin' Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, reimagined as a bunch of people in dog-ear headbands singing at each other. For anyone who isn't following me/thinks I'm joking with that title incidentally, no for real, make the time, find some good fan subs, the '80s anime series this is...
  5. Mightyblue

    There's Giant Robots in Them Thar Hills; A Super Robot Wars Thread

    This is a thread for those games what feature strategical robot combat in griddle based fashion; To wit the first officially localized game in fifteen-ish years is coming out in October:
  6. Purple

    Did you know Sailor Moon got a new dub without any weird edits?

    Smack me if I already made a thread for this, but recently-ish I randomly noticed that Sailor Moon was on Hulu. And furthermore, all of it, and further still, there is a new modern dub which doesn't make efforts to scrub away all the queerness and doesn't switch people's pronouns up. So I've...
  7. Octopus Prime

    The Slayers Group Watch Thread

    Hi! I'm Octo! And my single favorite anime series, ever, is The Slayers. The whole darn thing, really (Try has some thematic problems, but it's fine). And I have been hankerin' to rewatch it, as it's been a while since the last time I did. Furthermore, Slayers is a moderately popular 90s anime...
  8. Fyonn

    Digimon Bits and Bytes: A Thread About V-Pets and Related Hardware

    Recently, Serephine asked when I was gonna make a thread about all the weird Digimon stuff I find in pursuit of Digimon stuff I want. That's this thread! Mostly, it's going to be about Digimon V-Pets (which I think count as video games), but I'll also touch on other stuff and the console games...
  9. Paul le Fou

    Gnosia; or, A Single-Player Mafia Game?!

    I finally caved to peer pressure from a chat group at work and got Gnosia and have been mainlining that since Thursday or so. It's a single-player Mafia game (or Werewolf, or Among Us, or however you identify "impostor deduction" games.) To sum up how it plays in an elevator pitch, it's kinda...
  10. Johnny Unusual

    The Jojo's Bizarre Threadventure - I get THAT reference

    Finally, we've got this franchise where we want it... behind bars.
  11. WisteriaHysteria

    🎵Try again! Try again! Yet another Macross thread.🎵

    Let's talk about solving all our problems with music, understanding, and a light peppering of giant transforming robots and terrifying super weapons. I'll go first! There was an update a month or so ago on the 2nd Macross Delta film. The title "Absolute Live!!!!!!" is still tentative I...
  12. Dracula

    Tonight I Will Play a Licensed Video Game of Your Choice

    There's a lot of games out there and sometimes I like to let the cosmos pick which one I'm gonna play. Sometimes, the cosmos is you, the readers. Here's the deal: Pick some game from either the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Turbo Grafx-16 libraries (these are the consoles for which I have...
  13. Peklo

    Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth and the search for more action

    Team Ladybug's latest and ongoing treatise on the genre some call... whatever they please, really, has reached its latest early access milestone: stages 3 and 4 went live today, meaning that the game is now 80% complete, or thereabouts. Whether you're waiting for the full release to dip in, or...
  14. Johnny Unusual

    Bishi Bishi Bishi Bishi Can't You See, Sometimes Your Mic Just Hypnotize Me

    Note, this is just a review that I posted on the anime thread. After which, you will get funky fresh new Hypnosis Mic reviews Hypnosis Mic reviews begin now.
  15. Riot.EXE

    HIS REAL NAME IS "FREDERICK!?!": The Guilty Gear Series Thread...

    HEAVEN OR HELL! Swords and ideals will clash again on the battlefield April 9th, as GUILTY GEAR STRIVE drops! Are you excited for it? What about the other games in the series? All started on the ol' PS1 as one of those few "actually decent 2D fighting games" on the console, since those tended to...
  16. ThornGhost

    Evangelion 3.0+1.0 - Cruel angel's premiere

    Evangelion 3.0+1.0 finally has a release date - Jan. 23, 2021 (12321 OK we get it Anno symmetry or something) It also has a teaser trailer! Any thoughts? Looks like maybe a kind of thing? If you pause the trailer at :30, you can see the ship is .
  17. Kishi

    Sonic the Hedgehog OVA soundtrack unofficially released after 24 years

    In 1996, anime maker Studio Pierrot produced a two-episode Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. It was released outside Japan in 1999, most likely to capitalize on the release of the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure. The OVA is known for the song "Look-Alike," sung by Riyu Konaka, but no soundtrack or even a...
  18. Daikaiju

    The AMV thread: Feel the groove!

    Y'know what? I've kinda poked at this here and there back in the old Forums. But here, I'm gonna embrace my interests. Lets' talk Anime Music Videos! My first introduction to this vein of fandom was via Otakon, way back when they were still in State College, PA. Admittedly the results can...
  19. Bongo

    The Legend of the Twelve Good Animes

    Long ago, when the earth was young, all peoples were united in peace and justice. And harmoniously they all came together to watch and praise twelve immaculate animes which were known throughout the world. Seeing their devotion, the gods grew jealous, and in their wrath they scattered all the...
  20. Johnny Unusual

    The Anime Credits Thread - The OP-ED Section

    OK, dorks, post some anime openings and endings here. I will probably start a thread for general TV openings and endings too, but I want this gallery to be its own thing. Where to start. There is no bad Jojo opening or ending, but they never topped Great Days. Obviously, there's the...