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Tonight I Will Play a Licensed Video Game of Your Choice


Plastic Vampire
There's a lot of games out there and sometimes I like to let the cosmos pick which one I'm gonna play. Sometimes, the cosmos is you, the readers.

Here's the deal: Pick some game from either the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Turbo Grafx-16 libraries (these are the consoles for which I have Everdrives). Game's gotta be official, and it's gotta be based on some licensed property or other. Movie, TV show, line of popular action figures, misguided ad campaign, whatevs. Quality doesn't matter. Inflict your worst. Or your best!

Everyone gets one choice. Sometime within the next, oh, say, three or four hours, I'll see what suggestions have been made and use a random number generator to pick the game. Then I'll play it for a while, and then I'll post about it.

Sounds fun for an experiment, yeah?


Plastic Vampire
Two of you didn't read the rules!

ETA: Much as I'd like to play Bucky O' Hare or Jaws.


Find Your Reason
For once, instead of trolling with an awful suggestion, I'm going to keep it real and suggest The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse.

You could also try Super Return of the Jedi, as it is the less punishing of the trilogy and can be quite good, just stop before you do the final Falcon levels.


For once, instead of trolling with an awful suggestion

For the record, while I'm sure it's not as playable as I remember, I still think that one can have fun with the Lion King game. If I wanted Dracula to suffer, I would have suggested Toy Story. Except that that one is actually interesting, due to it feeling like a genre mix. But eh, that one is definitely a tough sell.

I think I'm really incapable of finding a game honest-to-god bad, at this point. Anyway, I hope you have at least some fun with the suggestion you pick, Dracula.