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Sonic the Hedgehog OVA soundtrack unofficially released after 24 years


Little Waves
Staff member
In 1996, anime maker Studio Pierrot produced a two-episode Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. It was released outside Japan in 1999, most likely to capitalize on the release of the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure. The OVA is known for the song "Look-Alike," sung by Riyu Konaka, but no soundtrack or even a single was ever released.

Recently, a member of the Russian Sonic the Hedgehog fan community named Illuminor noticed that the lyrics for "Look-Alike" listed on every online source were missing a line they could hear in the OVA itself; however, the line isn't entirely audible due to being drowned out by dialogue. Illuminor's attempts to get to the bottom of this eventually led them, unexpectedly, to some contact information of a person who had been involved in the OVA's production. With nothing to lose, they reached out and were surprised to receive not only a response but an MP3 copy of the full edit of "Look-Alike," never released anywhere! And not only this, but the same source also supplied a production demo of the OVA's instrumental score. Obviously, being a fan and a horoshim chelovekom, Illuminor chose to share this bounty with the world.

You can read Illuminor's own account of this magical event, as well as download both tracks, here.