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Let's Pock (Art @szk_tencho)
(he / his / him)
A monumental loss. I can barely contain my emotions at the moment.
I definitely started to take Toriyama's work for granted because of its ubiquity, but actually reading Dragon Ball from start to finish for the first time a few years ago, it really is one of the best comics of all time. Just brilliant designs and panel layouts from beginning to end.

Completely saturated global culture and totally deserved. Goku is the universal language.




Summon for hire
Yeah this was a rough one - dude was only 68 and still actively working on projects. Obviously a true legend.

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
Just realized that he's my dad's age. That makes it that little bit heavier.

Johnny Unusual

Toriyama is up there with Go Nagai and Osamu Tezuka in terms of holding a huge influence on the genre. I feel like a lot of what he did in Dragonball in terms of tropes was done in manga before (transitioning from comedic to high stakes adventure, having the antagonists join as friends) but I feel like Dragonball did it so well it really codified it. There is a sense of joy and fun throwing throughout all his work that it is no wonder his legend loomed so large. Every few years I re-read the first volumes of Dragonball and I feel like while tournament arcs have been done to death, the ones in Dragonball were always so much fun it's no surprise so many creators tried to emulate his work.

Goodbye, Toriyama. You were amazing.