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Two will enter, one will leave: The Thunderdome Thunderdome

Johnny Unusual

Max is a tough fighter but not a technical one, which gives Malenia the win. Scott would probably accidentally step on Flik.

The first match is tough. Rush is mostly a support character rather than doing offense. Bebop is but he's a dummy. Heck, Rush could beat him with the teleport attack and just hoping Bebop does the dumb thing of trying to tackle him but hits a wall when he teleports away. Bebop might beat the Dalek by picking him up and throwing him or shooting him with a laser rifle if the Dalek goes for Rush first. Conversely, if the Dalek goes after Bebop, he'll probably kill him (Dalek weapons are generally presented as insta-kills) and then it's a trickier battle between Rush's mobility and the Dalek's better weapons. I'm going to give the slight edge to Rush. I think he'd give up mobility for fire power, point himself at the Dalek, turn into Rush Marine and assuming he doesn't need a pilot, open fire. Of course, if he DOES need a pilot, then I'll give it to the Dalek.


A dalek is the only one of the three who has canonically taken people's lives and... OK I can't imagine any of them actually doing so, but the other two won't even make the effort.

Haven't seen the American office but I know a guy who'd fail to come out ahead in an encounter with an ant somehow.

And... pass.


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
okay. thinking about the other two matches:

Neither Rush nor Bebop have the requisite cleverness (individually or combined) needed to oust a Dalek. I think that's a fairly simple calculation.

Regarding Mad Max vs. Malenia, I think Max could one-shot Malenia by driving into her with a truck at 40+ MPH (I dunno if this would be in character for him), and might have a fighting chance if he managed to keep his distance and use firearms. However, I feel that if he were to miss Malenia with the truck the first time, or if she managed to close the distance, then he would be done for. Gonna have to stew on this one for a bit.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Flik is working on some plans and invades the Dunder Mifflin branch office to get some of the items he needs. He might also be joined by some of his allies. While getting the items he / they eat some of the food around the office. They are noticed by the staff who notify their boss, Michael, about the issue. Michael decides to either take it upon himself or hire the best (i.e. cheapest) exterminator that he knows/ can find in order to remove the ant(s). Flik is easily able to figure out ways to evade or outsmart the incompetent exterminator.

Michael/The exterminator keeps escalating things and damaging more of the office as this goes on. The workers confront Michael about this and he is forced to relent and contact Corporate to have them send in actually competent exterminators. By the time the skilled ones arrive Flik (and any of his partners) are long gone with the items they need. Flik might have also used this as a way to lure the grasshoppers (or some other rivals) into a trap to be disposed of by the real exterminators. Flik is deemed to be victorious in this face off. Michael is declared the loser. (But at least he fared better than the grasshoppers.)
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Malenia is the obvious winner, being a supernatural powerhouse against a regular human. Max is unusually tough and could probably hold his own against a low-level magic user, but not a goddess.

A dalek is by far the most powerful of the trio. Rush could dodge the attacks for a while, but he doesn't have the kind of offensive output, or cleverness, to deal with a dalek. Bepop would have posed an interesting fight for Rush, but he's nothing against the cyborg alien death machine.

Flik would manage to find a way to defeat Michael Scott just because Flik's the peppy hero and Michael is the bumbling villain. Plus it sounds like it would be hilarious, which means it's true.