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I think the game state stays the same in the post game. I haven’t played it since launch though. I enjoyed it a lot too, I should revisit it before long.
If I remember correctly the Fury Bowser encounters dial back down and then ramp back up as you get close to collecting the last cat shines.

Thanks for letting me know what you remembered.

My experience now that I'm finished the game was that he main game reaches a peak of Bowser appearances that the post-game never returns to, so it's relatively more relaxed. There's never a period where you're in permanent Bowser-mode except for the last few shines right before the end of the main story. After that, it's always possible to end a Bowser appearance by collecting a shine. (It's possible this isn't true when you collect every shine for the first time I guess, since I went to beat the game immediately after, so there could be a temporary perma-Bowser state when you have every shine but before you beat the most powered up version of Bowser for the first time. But this feels like less of a pressue issue because at that point you just have access to end it by doing the boss fight, instead of it interrupting your ability to collect shines.) Also, this could be due to random factors, but for me the post-game Bowser appearances were never as long as the longest main game Bowser apperances right before he just became permanent.

Anyway, Bowser's Fury was great! I wish we could get a short little open world 3D Mario like this more often.


Year in review stuff is up!


Nintendo Switch Sports dominated the start of the year since that was still my main exercise at that point, but even that was only about 20 hours a month for Jan and May. Stopped using it so much later in the year as I could be more active in other things.
I'll save y'all the scrolling and just summarize: My little yearly wrap-up showed that I thoroughly beat Tears of the Kingdom, played Mario Kart with some buddies a few nights, and that's really about it. Looking forward to playing Front Mission 2 and some of my backlog next year tho!

q 3

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Labyrinth of Galleria, Octopath II, Little Goody Two Shoes


..and his little cat, too
Animal Crossing (still trying to get that damn cat statue, but now that we have NSO Expansion, I should really look at the DLC), Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.


Threat Rhyme

I expected Final Bar Line to take the top spot, but I totally forgot about the 2-3 month period early in the year when I fell down the Diablo II rabbit hole again.

I only just now started Tears of the Kingdom, I expect by the actual end of the year it would have enough hours to make the top 3 for sure.

Paul le Fou

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131 of Splatoon 3 - doing my dailies kept it at the #1 spot. Then 66 in TotK and 40-some in Picross S9 rounded it out.
1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
2. Nintendo 64 NSO (Played through Mario 64, Ocarina and Majora this year)
3. Sea of Stars


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
I'm over Silksong at this point, between a deluge of not as good indie knock offs of Hollow Knight and Prince of Persia coming out with a surprisingly good big budget take on the formula. If they announce anything cool but I'd rather see other stuff now.

Pajaro Pete

Konami is a partner and announcing an April release date for Suikoden 1+2 HD.
Marvelous is a partner and announcing a new Story of Seasons game.
Atlus is a partner and announcing Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance.


i-i-is Retro Studios considered a partner?????

I doubt we're going to hear anything about Prime 4 on Wednesday. My guess is it's a launch/early title for the Switch 2, so they can't show anything because it's running on a system that hasn't been officially announced yet.

Nintendo's first-party support for the Switch is probably winding down at this point. I expect we'll get a Direct sometime during Q3 with whatever they've got lined up for the 2024 holidays now that Switch 2 has been pushed to Q1 2025 or later. Probably nothing huge, but maybe Metroid Prime 2/3 Remastered, Wind Waker, or something like that. Around the same time we'll probably get a separate Direct devoted to announcing the Switch 2, and maybe some launch titles.