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I could be wrong, but I was under the strong impression the slower pace has more to do with the shift from the comic being published in Shounen Jump, a weekly magazine, to Ultra Jump that's published monthly. A shift that was done more because Ultra Jump needed content, and JoJo being a better fit in a Seinen magazine, and JoJo's sales dropping, versus some plan to protect the author's health (which Shueisha clearly could care less about the health of their artists/authors).

I'm not saying or advocating for him quitting the series or not attempting Part 9. Just sayin' we're prolly going to, at some point in the future, begin having legitimate conversations about JoJo in the same way we have conversations about GoT/GRRM, or Yoshihiro Togashi/Hunter x Hunter.


The Shogun of Harlem
He said he was gonna end with Part 8 multiple times, but something must've changed so that he wants to do Part 9 now. As far as I'm concerned, any amount of Part 9 that we end up getting is Bonus Jojo™. Like I want more Hunter x Hunter too but like...whatever, shit happens.

Johnny Unusual

Bonus Jojo™
Speaking of, apparently there's also going to be a spin-off manga teaming up Josuke and... Hol Horse?!? Huh (also, it hasn't been clarified which Josuke). But, yeah, Hol Horse in co-lead role sounds like a good time to me.

The writing is by Kohei Kadono who did Boogiepop and Others and the art is by Tasuku Karasuma from No Guns Life. Eh, I didn't have a problem with the art in No Guns Life...


Same as I ever was
I remember some note or interview segment from Araki about having wanted to team them up back in Part 3 but it not really fitting with how things were going at the time. Glad he's getting a chance to take a shot.