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Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Are Zenyatta and Mondatta a reference I just don’t get?
Keeping them named “Oingo” and “Boingo” would have At least matched the episode titles that Netflix went with

Johnny Unusual

It's weird to change it under the auspices of "not getting sued" by making yet another reference that is very specific. Meanwhile, next season has "Echoes" and "Surface" which are... words.


The Shogun of Harlem
They played Walk Like an Egyptian while I was at the dentist and I was like 😏

What I think is super weird about Part 4 (dunno if this true about the other Parts) is that the subtitles on Netflix DO NOT change the band names, but the dubs and Crunchyroll subtitles DO. Go figure.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Yet they rarely if ever match the English dub.

Which is a common thing in anime, and it never stops bewildering and frustrating me
They're basically brand new at subbing anime and learning on the fly. And they insist on doing it themselves and building the infrastructure/talent to do it from scratch instead of hiring vets or outsourcing to established voice over houses that typically do anime. But they also don't seem to really care about learning how to do it better? The subbing people also seem to work independently of the dubbing people too? Like right now, they've got one person doing the subs for Godzilla S.P. (and they're struggling with the material at that) but there's no way this script that's being written is going to be used word-for-word for the dub, since you generally have to finesse scripts to sound natural in English and this script doesn't remotely sound natural.

I actually don't mind when the dubs and the subs don't match; I'd rather the subtitles try to be more literal and let the dubs take the liberties. There would ideally be multiple subtitle tracks, one for literal subs, and one for closed captions. But Netflix also doesn't seem to give two shits about closed captioning because I rarely see CC options for the hard of hearing on all the Netflix shows I've seen. In short, Netflix is a scourge.