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Face Front, True Believers! A Marvel Comics Thread

Seeing commentary go around that Marvel finally allowed Fabian Niceiza to make it canonical that Adam-X is indeed a Summers brother, but huge nerds know he already did this in the opening arc of the almost immediately cancelled Captain Marvel (vol. 3, 1995) series that no one (and apparently especially no one involved in that whole Vulcan storyline) read or cared about.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Really gotta heap some praise on Dan Slotts Fantastic Four run; not that I’ve disliked any of his work before (dude doesn’t seem capable of making a comic that’s not incredibly fun), but his work on FF may be my favorite by far. Sky is one one of my favourite additions to the book in years.

More comics need to incorporate aliens who need to remind everyone that they’re are completely oblivious to any and all science fiction tropes.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
My experience with Dan Slott is that he's great at high concept ideas, so his arcs are usually great, but his panel to panel execution is lacking, particularly regarding characterization. A fellow tyrant once pointed out that his final Spider-Man issue is similar in tone to Chip Zdarsky's, yet Zdarky writes loops around Slott.

He's miles better than Nick Spencer.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
I find Spencer's Spider work, dunno, sloppy might be the word. He writes a ton of awesome scenes (like the thieves guild stealing every single weapon in the MU) without showing any work setting it up, and many times not following up with some obvious consequences. Which breaks my suspension of disbelief.

Yeah, it breaks my suspension of disbelief regarding a comic where a grown up man wears some tights, sticks to walls with his fingertips and sold his marriage to the devil to save his octogenarian aunt. Obviously YMMV.