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Face Front, True Believers! A Marvel Comics Thread

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
So I pretty much finished reading the original run of Thunderbolts.

I’ve explained, at length, my love of the original Busiek run, and that holds as true now as it ever was. Busiek is a GOAT comic writer, and Thunderbolts is, while not his greatest accomplishment, pretty high up there. Really just goes to full express how good his other stuff is honestly.

The Nicesza run, comparatively, was a big step down. Which, again, is more indicative of how good Busieks stuff is as it really only suffers in comparison. Setting aside stuff like Frank trying to work out stuff that Kurt clearly set up without the same frame work with mixed success. Big props to the final arc, which split the team into two groups and, unknowingly had them working against one another while keeping the themes of the book going in different directions; that was some excellent stuff and it all ends with a double sized Where Are They Now and sequel hook ending…

And then the last half dozen issues are this;

The early 2000s were a really weird time at Marvel.

A lot of interesting things happened that would never be allowed now, but also a lot of really stupid things happened that would never be allowed now.


The Goggles Do Nothing
Mutant X came up in Octo's excellent What If thread, so I was revisiting some Mutant X nonsense. This was the house ad for Mutant X when it premiered:


I cannot emphasize enough that this is such a weird choice. The whole concept is basically "what if X-Men history deviated in some fun ways", and "What If" is a very established thing in Marvel/comics in general. And we lead with... "Your beautiful wife is a witch"? "Your son is not your own"? This seems like a very specific, very adult kind of horror story ("Nightmare!") when I guarantee you that the audience would be more interested in "is Beast a fish now?" 1998 was a weird year for comics.


Post Reader
Since I'm perpetually behind, I just read the last Hellfire Gala issue. I mostly enjoyed the lead up to it, but the actual issue just felt mean-spirited and not that interesting. Putting characters people like through hardship is fine but slaughtering them en masse isn't much fun.