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  1. Octopus Prime

    Spider-Man and his Obliging Friends: Let's Read... Marvel Team-Up!

    Hi, I'm Octo, and that's right, I can read *two* comic books! If you were to ask me who my favorite superhero is, I'd probably say... Bashful Benjamin J. Grimm, the Ever-Loving Blue-Eyed Thing (Idol o'millions). But I put it to a vote, and he lost. Luckily, my second favorite superhero was...
  2. Pheeel

    The Future Is Yesterday! A 2000AD Thread

    This will probably prove to be even more irregularly updated than the TMNT thread, but I thought it might be fun to do once in a while. The Earth Year was 1977. Some film called Star Wars was a mere few months away from arriving in cinemas. kick-starting a sci-fi craze the likes of which the...
  3. Positronic Brain

    Comics Are Awesome! Great Moments in Sequential Storytelling (2020 - )

    We all knew it was only a matter of time before this thread got resurrected - just like the heroes in my American comic books! I've been reading Scooby Doo Team-Up! and you can tell the creative team had lots of fun with it. It's full of great moments like this one with Ace the Bat-Hound...
  4. WisteriaHysteria

    The Manga Thread: Unlimited

    The first chapter of Tite Kubo's (creator of Bleach) new work BURN THE WITCH came out. And so far, it's an extremely Tite Kubo thing. My understanding is that it'll be a monthly comic. I hope that gives Kubo a little bit more time to workshop and develop his stories.
  5. Daikaiju

    HEAVEN OR HELL! DC Comics win/loss tracker.

    MovieBob muses on Fandome
  6. Octopus Prime

    Face Front, True Believers! A Marvel Comics Thread

    We *certainly* can't let this important subject sit by the wayside. Anyway, as I was chronicling on the OLD BUSTED forum, I've been reading, and evaluating every single tie-in to the 2015 Secret Wars arc; which is a lot of comics. Here's what I said so far: And we can ADD to that; Witchunter...