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  1. Adrenaline

    The House of Ideas. Talking Time's 50 Favorite Marvel Characters!

    Thanks to Johnny Unusual for suggesting this video to kick off the countdown. Including my own, there were 15 ballots submitted for this list, generating a list of exactly 150 classic and new Marvel characters, only a third of which gathered enough points to make the final cut. What struck me...
  2. Adrenaline

    Excelsior! The Top 50 Marvel Characters Nomination Thread

    Marvel is maybe the biggest entertainment franchise in the world right now, and they built the foundation for that success over the course of over 60 years (more if you count the early days before the current era), establishing hundreds if not thousands of compelling characters for fans to fall...
  3. Kalir

    Sentinels of the Multiverse Definitive Edition: True heroes fire blast the bomb at City Hall.

    Hey! It's me again, the guy with the stuff. I'm gonna do more Sentinels of the Multiverse writeups. Except this time, I'll be covering the new Definitive Edition. See, a few years ago, before the Pandemic, the guys what made SotM put out their Galactus-analogue expansion, the mode to end all...
  4. Octopus Prime

    The Road Not Travelled: Let's Read Marvels WHAT IF...

    Hi, I'm Octo and I just finished reading Stan Lee and Jack Kirbys original run of Fantastic Four. And prior to that, I read all of Jack Kirbys work on The Fourth World for DC. And then I made a poll to see what old comic I should go all in on and recap next. And the winner was What If... Just...
  5. Octopus Prime

    The Worlds GREATEST Comic Thread: Let's Talk Lee/Kirbys Fantastic Four!

    Oh, Hi! I didn't see you come in! A couple years ago on the Old Forum, I started a project of chronicling the whole of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run of Fantastic Four, as I hadn't read most of it, and nevertheless considered it to be one of the high-points of the Silver Age of comics. And I got...
  6. SpoonyBard

    The Disney+ thread of ever-growing entertainment monopolies

    So Disney+ has been a thing for nearly a year now, I'm a fairly recent adopter. Eventually the siren's call of the Mandalorian, catching up on the DuckTales reboot, and All Of The Simpsons was just too much to bear. Plus it's been neat to revisit some old Disney shorts and I can watch Donald...
  7. madhair60

    Marvel's Avengers: This time they're not Lego

    This game's been getting a lot of stick for being a Game As A Service. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but there's a full-featured campaign I had no idea existed, and on discovering this fact I picked it up - I am, after all, a Games Journalist. And it's good. It's fun. It's very AAA (and...
  8. Wheels

    Agents of Shield appreciation thread

    Share your favorite memories / moments of the show now that it's completed its run. Some of my favorite things: Everything about this scene This
  9. Octopus Prime

    Face Front, True Believers! A Marvel Comics Thread

    We *certainly* can't let this important subject sit by the wayside. Anyway, as I was chronicling on the OLD BUSTED forum, I've been reading, and evaluating every single tie-in to the 2015 Secret Wars arc; which is a lot of comics. Here's what I said so far: And we can ADD to that; Witchunter...