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Absurd Extracts: What Is the "Best" Post?


Round and round I go
Staff member
I don't understand why, if the film is set in New York, we see Vancouver.


dirtbag lesbian
Comment from a hentai site:
i am so stressed and angry all the time. i cannot take living much longer. why did i have to be born. i hate this.hot pic tho


Hashtag give it to gilly
Well! I guess [name] leaked all our discord convos because I warned two people he was a massive creep!
I may be a huge racist and transmisogynist, but at least I don't constantly talk about being tiny. Try not to shoot up your workplace, buddy.


Let's 90s gaming
For some strange reason, Tinydude is not the one I'm worried about committing a mass shooting.


Hashtag give it to gilly
Breaking the spirit of the thread to deliver quotes from the most hubristic douchebags of the internet to provide you this fun comment
I hate to objectivy him but every time he's on screen i think "oh, he's so cute!".


Find Your Reason
Can I send that back in time to every Christian nation that sent out boatloads of people to colonize the savages? Or even just to that one nation that somehow keeps sending planeloads of people to colonize economic interests in the name of freedom?

q 3

here to eat fish and erase the universe
9 inch three layer cake. Ecuadorian chocolate cake with Ecuadorian vanilla bean pastry cream, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Contains wheat, egg, and dairy. White frosting with a guillotine on top and assorted buttercream flowers. The flowers are purple, yellow, amd reddish orange. The writing says “Happy Birthday Tevis” in red block print.