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Mischief Maker
They are already dead.

Mega Man 9 - 11 (Initial 8, Fake Man)
Mega Man 10 - 11 (Initial 8, Enker, Punk, Ballade)
Mega Man 11 - 8 (Initial 8)

Mega Man Powered Up - 11 (Initial 8, Copy Robot)

Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge (GB) - 9 (Initial 8, Enker)
Mega Man II (GB) - 9 (Initial 8, Quint)
Mega Man III (GB) - 9 (Initial 8, Punk)
Mega Man IV (GB) - 10 (Initial 8, Ballade-1, Ballade-2)
Mega Man V (GB) - 14 (Initial 8, Terra, Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, Sunstar)

Mega Man & Bass - 9 (Initial 8, King)
Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Genesis) - 4 (Buster Rod G (Rod), Buster Rod G (Buster), Mega Water S, Hyper Storm H)

Mega Man (Game Gear) - 6


Do you require aid.
Fought the Order of No Quarter because a friend of mine wasn't able to beat the game but wanted Shovel Knight to know peace. So that's eight knights down, and as has been established, knights are just ancient robot masters.

Octopus Prime

Jingle Engine
Until I hear otherwise about the Wandering Warriors and the Tower bosses, I’ll just count that as 8.

So… hoo boy…

That’s another 119 since I went to bed…


We’re almost half done and Megamas isn’t even a week old. I think we’re going to make up for last years weak showing; and I’m not even out of the NES style games yet


Staff member
Alex (age 12) would like you to know he's defeated Acid Man.


Mischief Maker
Add that to the eighty six Lyrai mentioned taking down in the discord and we’re up to

Just so it's in the thread:
Azure Striker Gunvolt - 9
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - 17 (10 Normal, 6 DLC salty runbacks, 1 Shovel Knight)
Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 - 13 (10 normal, 3 DLC)
Luminous Avenger iX - 8
Luminous Avenger iX 2 - 13
Mighty Gunvolt - 7
Mighty Gunvolt Burst - 13


Old Man Gamer
While waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, I booted up my Analogue Pocket to see how many MM2 masters I could take out. 4 it turns out (Metal, Air, Bubble, Wood). Add'em to the pile!

Octopus Prime

Jingle Engine
Sigma… has been destroyed. But X needed to fill his heart with the murderous intent of the Satsui No Hadou in order to forgo his humanity in favour of martial perfection in order to do it.

Perhaps… his pain would last even beyond what the X-Buster on his arm would tell him.



A most radical pontiff
(He, Him)
Have the day off and I put the little man down for a nap so thought to myself, “I can play a mega man for octo, maybe even several”. Couldn’t get retroarch to launch to save my life and my old hacked wii died halfway through elec man’s stage and now my child is yelling at me so, I guess mark me down for one defeated cut man. Sorry all, I’ll try and be more productive later.

Octopus Prime

Jingle Engine
I am happy to increase our total to 478 in response to your courageous efforts.
Enough drops can fill an ocean.


A most radical pontiff
(He, Him)
Fresh copy of retroarch puts remaining mega man 1 bosses and mega man 2 in the can for good measure. Wily stages will have to wait, put me down for 13 more.


Mischief Maker

Street Fighter x Mega Man - 13

Mega Man X - 11 (Original 8, Vile Rematch, Velguarder, Sigma)
Mega Man X2 - 14 (Original 8, X-Hunters, Neo-Violen, Zero, Neo-Sigma)
Mega Man X3 - 12 (Original 8, Bit, Byte, Vile MK-II, Sigma)
Mega Man X4 - 10 (Original 8, Colonel, Phantom Sigma Uncloaked)
Mega Man X5 - 11 (Original 8, Dynamo, X, Psycho Sigma)
Mega Man X6 - 13 (Original 8, Zero Nightmare, High Max, Dynamo, Gate, Sigma Form 1)
Mega Man X7 - 10 (Original 8, Red, Sigma Form 1)
Mega Man X8 - 13 (Original 8, Vile V, Copy Sigma, Sigma, Lumine Form 1, Lumine Form 2)
Maverick Hunter X - 10 (Original 8, X & Zero)

There's 117 more for you, Octo

Octopus Prime

Jingle Engine
Current rankings
Octo has 134
Kirin has 3
Falselogic has 1
Adsandoval has 12
Narcodis has 8
4-So has 16
Kalir has 11
Loki has 8
Lokis kid has 1
Shakewell has 18
jpfriction has 14

And Lyrai has the other four hundred and ten