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get equipped with holiday cheer

  1. Octopus Prime


    The Mad Scientist Dr. Wily are worried that his robot masters are watching too much Earth television, most notably station KID-TV's interview with Santa Claus in his workshop at Earth's North Pole. Consulting the ancient 800-year-old Martian sage Chochem (a Yiddish/Hebrew word meaning "sage"...
  2. Octopus Prime

    Yes Virginia, there IS a Mega Man: It's the 2022 MEGAMAS Thread!

    Wily falls across the land Jingle Bells are Close At Hand Robots Stomp, Fly and Roll To take over the North Pole And Hiding there under his bed Was the Toy Man, Full of Dread He knew the Doc had broke some laws So he could be the New Claus The Air was Thick With Gingerbread And Bots, who wanted...
  3. Octopus Prime

    Volnuts Roasting on an Open Fire: It's MEGAMAS 2021!

    Every Elf in the North Pole Liked Christmas a Lot But Wily, in his Skull Castle, He certainly did not He never got presents No piano lessons or egg beaters He had no itchy sweaters Or bobble heads of world leaders You know the reason why The cause is not well furled He's always on the Naughty...
  4. Octopus Prime

    Jinglebell Rockman: It's MEGAMAS 2020!

    Twas a month before Christmas And all through the Poles No Elves were working There were no toys at all Santa was cowered Frightful, under his bed "There are Robots coming!" was what he repeatedly said His wife ran to the phone She knew he was right She pressed 1 on the Speed Dial And spoke to...