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To Infinity and Beyond: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
My sense of the High Evolutionary has generally been people finding him and him going "look at all these experiments I did" and the good guys responding "what you did was evil!", and HE responding "oh shit, I never thought of that."
my opinion is definitely shaped by having recently read Quicksilver (1997-8), a very bad book that probably should have been titled High Evolutionary and the Ani-Men: Featuring Quicksilver and it reminding me that every other story i've read that he has appeared in is also terrible,

but imho they should nuke mount wundagore from orbit with some kind of temporal-spatial-cosmic continuity bomb that eradicates it from all timelines and universes, allowing every character with an origin even remotely tied to it and the high evolutionary to naturally shift to something else, doing this would by itself create an opportunity to fix many of the worst parts of marvel continuity



It was... okay.

I feel like it suffered pretty badly from the growing MCU trend of HEY SEE THESE GUYS YOU BETTER REMEMBER THEM THEY'LL BE IMPORTANT LATER. I didn't HATE Ironheart, but in a movie as long as this one I would have been just fine with her just not showing up. I DID hate the lady who's gonna function as the dollar general version of Amanda Waller in THUNDERBOLTS. Just a useless filler garbage character in a movie that REALLY didn't need any more runtime.

I feel like the post-credits scene existed entirely to give Disney a backup plan for when they have to fire Letitia Wright the next time she goes the fuck off on some amazingly idiotic shit. Just grab some hungry young 24 year old, and say "Oh yeah that's totally the kid from the outtro of the last one." Just seems like a safe bet.

This was a very maudlin movie, so much so that the few standard Marvel jokes thrown in there felt weird and out of place. They weren't BAD jokes or anything, they just felt disconnected from the movie I was actually watching.

There wasn't a lot of action in this movie, which is fine. But what little action was there was WEIRDLY BLOODLESS. I'm not saying I need a MASSIVE SPRAY OF GORE in every fight scene, but when Shuri DEVIL MAY CRY ALASTOR'D the spear, and there was no blood at, all that crossed the line into "distracting."

The rest of it was fine. 7/10. Whatever.
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The guy in the seat behind me at the theater was loudly snoring by he halfway point.

He wasn't trying to be a dick or anything. He just fell asleep halfway through.

I feel like that anecdote alone is a complete letterbox review.