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marvel cinematic universe

  1. Adrenaline

    The House of Ideas. Talking Time's 50 Favorite Marvel Characters!

    Thanks to Johnny Unusual for suggesting this video to kick off the countdown. Including my own, there were 15 ballots submitted for this list, generating a list of exactly 150 classic and new Marvel characters, only a third of which gathered enough points to make the final cut. What struck me...
  2. karzac

    Low-key Loki spoiler thread

    Figured it might be easier to just have a spoiler thread for Loki than to talk about it in the main MCU thread. Plus, I wanted to use the title. Anyway, I thought this episode was okay. I think both actors have really good chemistry together, but the script felt a little stiff and jumpy - like...
  3. Vaeran

    To Infinity and Beyond: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It's always an exciting time to be an MCU fan... except possibly right now, as everything's on hold thanks to the COVID-19 summer crossover event that everyone's already sick of. But here's what we have to look forward to, along with their alleged release dates: MOVIES Black Widow (November 6...