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I'm totally unfamiliar with Cardfighter Clash, but I recognize it, since there was a time when you couldn't shake a stick without hitting someone using a CFC card for an avatar.


hardcore retro gamin'
CFC was awesome, no question. I had (still have) the SNK version, and played the mess out of it.


..and his little cat, too
You do, yes. It's a fundraiser.
I mean, so is GDQ and other things, but they don't charge you to watch.
It will be available as a free archive later, but they haven't said how long that'll be after it airs beyond just ticket holders will have access to it afterwards and that it'll be free sometime in the future.
Okay, good to know. I'd love to chip in, honestly, but I don't know how money/timing is going to work out for that (or if I'd even be able to see it live), so good to know there will be options. Thanks!


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
GoggleBob is 100% correct about CFC. Also, the eShop version includes BOTH the Blue and Yellow carts, which is a goddamn bargain for $8.

Is an official localization of CFC2 too much to ask for now...? (Yes, but hope springs eternal.)


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Is an official localization of CFC2 too much to ask for now...? (Yes, but hope springs eternal
Honestly I've always found it kinda bewildering that old games haven't received official localizations more often. The fan translation scene has had a good handle on this kinda thing for decades, it shouldn't be hard for these game companies to put their old ROMs in English.

But then again, I know an official release would have to go through licensing and rating stuff on top of localizing, and there would definitely be work needed to overcome stuff like text limitations. So it's often a case of whether or not the potential money that could be made off a game is worth the effort.

So I guess a localization of CardFighters' Clash 2 would most likely (initially) be an exclusive to Round 2 of the NGPC compilation sets if it happened at all. Good way to sweeten the pot and get people willing to pay $40 for another pile of (mostly) fighting games.


There's apparently a glitch with the N64 app where it doesn't write your save to permanent storage if the app crashes, so you lose all progress you've made since starting the app, which is a problem, because it only writes after closing the app or turning off the system. Save states are fine, though.

This glitch is notable because the Paper Mario port introduced a bug where the app will crash if you get a Game Over with Watt in your party. Not great! They also introduced some slowdown to certain points in the game for reasons people haven't quite figured out.

Getting one buggy game a month isn't very fun, Nintendo!


A Bard Named SPOONY
With the addition of Bear and Bird game was there any tweaks or improvements to N64 games as a whole? Or is the emulation still a mess? Because I kind of have a hankerin' to fight a rhyming witch but I really don't want to drop monies on this until it's been improved somewhat.


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(He/Him + RT/artee)
The Water Temple rendering issue is slightly less severe, but some other issues remain:

They're definitely aware of most of the issues, but getting them all fixed and doing a proper QA pass on said fixes is probably gonna take a while. Good to know that they aren't just ignoring the issues, at least.