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Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
I mean bad news more for his many haters, of course. I'm sure he would be really fun, like he was in Hyrule Warriors.


Tingle would be a great addition. He’s from a classic series, he’s weird, he would probably have a bizarre moveset. I’m all for it.


Sir Knightbot
My uncle who works at NIntendo told me that the last character will be Kiran from Fire Emblem Heroes. He works like Pokemon Trainer, only with the 600 FE characters not already in Smash.


Hey, is anyone still playing this? I have my Switch next to my desk, so I tend to play a few random matches whenever I have a bit of downtime. I was pretty down on the 2nd Fighter's Pass characters as they were announced, but they really grew on me after I picked it up. They're all fun to play as, and every one has at least added some good music, a cool stage, interesting interactions, or something that I really liked. I'm very glad that I got over my annoyance at which characters had/had not been added.

That said, Nintendo tends to have a big Direct in September, so it's possible that the last character will be announced this week (or sometime soon). I'm still looking around for rumors or leaks about the last character (quarantine and working from home is leaving me with way too much idle time), but there's really nothing out there. Smash fans are big on reading tea leaves to try to figure out what Sakurai will do, but the new characters in Ultimate have broken just about every 'rule' that they had come up with. The only real guidance I found is these translated slides from Sakurai's 2008 GDC talk. Notably:

Standard for Selecting Characters:
・The character must display personality in their game
・It’s important to have something only that character can do.
・Potential development issues, and game balance is also taken into some consideration
・Distribution among the franchises is also taken into consideration

With that last point in mind, I tried to figure out which franchises are likely to be added in the last slot.

Franchises tend to fall into different tiers, with the Nintendo heavy hitters getting 1-2 new characters in every game, mid-sized franchises having 2-3 characters total (with Zelda and Metroid being a bit higher), and smaller franchises staying at a single fighter. So far 3rd party franchises are maxed out at 2 characters per franchise, and 3 total per company. I also looked at my earlier list of which fighters are being requested by fans, and I looked at which big franchises are not in the game yet.

Considering the trends, Nintendo first party franchises don't really need any more characters. Metroid just got two new characters, and Zelda got revamps of its leads plus a couple of new Mii costumes. Ring Fit and Dragalia Lost didn't really get popular until after the DLC was finalized, so they seem unlikely, and I don't think they would add a small franchise or retro pick as paid DLC. If they were going to add a Nintendo character, Pokémon and Splatoon seem like the most likely options since they each got one fighter in Ultimate.

If not for the consistent distribution of franchises/companies so far, I would say that Capcom, Sega, and Square have a lot of obvious franchises for the last slot. With things as they are now though, I think it's likely that they'll leave those for the next game. SNK won't get a new character either, but Microsoft or Namco could. I could definitely see Doom (toned down a bit), Dark Souls, Tales, or Katamari Damacy (if Sakurai came up with a concept that worked for a fighter) being a the last one.

The last option is a new 3rd party for the series, or even an indie franchise. There are both a ton of options here, and not that many that seem super likely. The top ones I came up with are Crash, Rayman, Fortnite, Overwatch, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, Cave Story, Touhou, and Hollow Knight. I feel like every one of these would be fine as a Mii Costume. Fortnite is easily the most popular, and that main character looks bland as hell. I didn't think Minecraft would be a good addition either though, so who knows.

And after looking into this, I realized that it doesn't matter at all. The roster is already incredible, and whoever gets added will end up being a fun character.


Plastic Vampire
I still play! Only occasionally, but it's the main activity I do with my brother. We played for a while last night, actually. I also restarted the World of Light campaign a while ago and was having a great time revisiting it, but I didn't end up finishing that file for whatever reason. Like you say Patrick, at this point all the new characters are just gravy. There's so much depth in each one that I'm sure I'll be discovering new things in this game for years and years to come. Through most of the matches last night I played the DQ Hero and found all sorts of interesting uses for his moves that I'd never really noticed before.


Yeah, Hero is a lot of fun! I probably lean too heavily on his fireball, but it’s such a nice move. Every now and then I remember to check out down-B and end up with a mostly random effect that helps a bit more often than not. I bet he’s a character where a moderate amount of practice would really pay off.


I just got a quickplay round against a Peach on Small Battlefield, 300 HP rounds.


So that's what a punk ass bitch plays like.


Like, just make your display name "Please Suicide out against me." Save us all 7 fucking minutes.

It would be incredibly difficult to make a round more miserable. Like at that point the only way they could have increased the agony is by maining Ness.


I only play Smash with friends in person, or against the computer. I was never big on gaming online, and whatever interest I used to have in it has declined a lot in recent years.


If I choose not to rematch someone it means I don't want to fight them.
So why are they the next guy on the docket like a good 40% of the time?

Pajaro Pete

manifesting that the last smash dlc character is the protagonist of the fire emblem game they're going to announce next direct


definitely not a robot
Miyu/Fay as echo fighters of each other, from the soon-to-be-announced retraux throwback Star Fox 3.
I really want Dragaux from RingFit. But I honestly haven't played the game in... a year? Although he'd bring me back to play for a bit.


My money's still on the O.G. brawler.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
Knowing our luck with our guessing game, it’s probably something like the E.M.M.I. from Metroid Dread. Something none of us could have possibly known existed at the time.