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fighting game

  1. Riot.EXE

    HIS REAL NAME IS "FREDERICK!?!": The Guilty Gear Series Thread...

    HEAVEN OR HELL! Swords and ideals will clash again on the battlefield April 9th, as GUILTY GEAR STRIVE drops! Are you excited for it? What about the other games in the series? All started on the ol' PS1 as one of those few "actually decent 2D fighting games" on the console, since those tended to...
  2. Gaer

    My dream fighting game: SCIENCE KOMBAT

    Diego Sanchez is a pixel artist who decided to make a 2D fighter called SCIENCE KOMBAT. Just look at these fucking sprites: Darwin: Einstein: Steven Hawking: Pythagoras: Marie Curie: Tesla: Newton: Absolutely wild.
  3. BEAT


    If you play on Quickplay with nothing but Pokemon Balls and assist Trophies, you're a sick son of a bitch and I hate you personally.
  4. Riot.EXE

    HyperComboChat! (Fighting Game Thread)

    New forums, new fights, new gripes about fighting game nonsense. The 6 button samurai meet again and get reinvolved in the troubles... So let's talk about the fighting games we love, and all the other stuff surrounding them!
  5. Peklo

    The Queen of Fighters 2000 - you could be playing SNK Gals Fighters right now

    As has been known for a while now, Code Mystics have started and continued the unearthing and reintroduction of various Neo Geo Pocket Color games on the Switch, starting with the surprise pack-in bonus release of Samurai Shodown! 2 late last year--since released individually--that seemingly...