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If I'm being cynical, I would say that Nintendo would be foolish to have anything but a Nintendo character as the final smasher.

Here are the Nintendo characters from my list that are not already represented in the game:

Game Builder Garage Robot
Hanafuda Cards
Mike Jones (not released in Japan)
Famicom Detective Club rep
Rillaboom, Cinderace, Calyrex, etc.
Mario and Luigi (RPG)
Fighting Polygons (just added)

If Hell was to freeze over and Sony got a rep, personally I'd go for Ratchet (& Clank) over Kratos. Much like Crash Bandicoot the series has Japanese appeal, not to mention being a lot closer to Smash's CERO rating.
I added it to the list. Note that this list is just predictions I’ve seen. It’s not in any way comprehensive.


definitely not a robot
"It's gonna be a Touhou rep, it's gonna be a Touhou rep," I mutter to myself repeatedly, setting myself up for inevitable disappointment.


Oh! Create!
(they/them, she/her)
Shooters as they're historically understood as a genre have zero representation in Smash--the best case you can make are all fringe examples that land in their own subgenres: rail shooters via Star Fox and Kid Icarus, light-gun shooters via Duck Hunt, multiplayer arena shooters via Splatoon, first-person shooters via Metroid Prime. I know Sakurai's personal passions are such that he'd likely want something there to fly the banner for the genre, and ZUN's fine with/would want to see it happen too according to prior statements--and not too many alternatives are as well known, still relevant and adaptable to a humanoid-centric fighting game schema as Touhou is. I would rationalize it basically from any angle and have, because favourite series and everything, but it's never been about simply cheerleading for an impossible pick--rather the refrain has been maintained this long because according to the needs and priorities of this series and game it feels like it could've happened already, and the possibilities for such a character haven't been explored very much through other members of the existing roster.

Paul le Fou

Pickle Bus Owns Tulip Town
So I read this elsewhere, but it does seem hold true, but for any series where the games are typically rated 'M' for Mature, if there's a costume added to Smash it's billed as "Smash Bros x Character" instead of "Smash Bros x Series/Game".

So far we've had:
-Smash Bros x Altiar (Assassins' Creed)
-Smash Bros x Travis (instead of No More Heroes)
-Smash Bros x Dante (instead of Devil May Cry)
-Smash Bros x Dovakiin (instead of SkyRim)
-Smash Bros x Vault Boy (instead of Fallout)

The only exception I could note is the Persona 4/5, which were both rated 'M' in the west, but had the lesser CERO 'B'/'C' ratings respectively in Japan. In the trailers they were billed as:
-Smash Bros x Persona 5
-Smash Bros x Persona 4

However, I should note that the other "x Character" games I mentioned above were all rated CERO 'D' (Mature Equivalent) or even CERO 'Z' (Adults Only Equivalent, but they actually use it instead of treating it as a ban).

I imagine this approach avoids the need to potentially re-evaluate the Smash's age rating when it claims to be crossing over with a typically 'M' or 'D'/'Z' rated franchise.


So I was discussing this with someone, and they pointed out that Bayonetta was just billed as Bayonetta, and near as I can tell the games are rated closer to the M equivalent in Japan. Though she was added to the Wii U version, while all the current crossover's with the name changes are from Ultimate. Of course the game's names are also the character's names, so I'm not sure what the alternate naming could even possibly be. After a bit of digging I did find an article mentioning how the addition of Bayonetta almost forced them to have to revaluate the rating in Japan at the time. So maybe the naming change was put in place for Ultimate to avoid any potential issues.
The MGS games are all rated M, and Snake is there too.


Alis - Phantasy Star (Sega #4, Sakurai fav.)
I am extremely intrigued by that little note and wish to know more because I clearly missed some anecdote (but also I don't want to be one of those YAY! ANOTHER ANIME SWORD-Y BUT THIS ONE I HAVE A PERSONAL CONNECTION TO here).

A friend was saying they're probably saving the most sputter-enducing pick for last, so in the spirit of trying to think of who's left as a sort of anti-Mario now that Sonic and Cloud are in there, on which note I'm kinda surprised nobody's suggested Lara Croft.

But my heart of hearts still cries out for Kunio-kun. Let me hit Mario over the head 3 times in rapid succession with Luigi. Just let me.


I am extremely intrigued by that little note and wish to know more because I clearly missed some anecdote (but also I don't want to be one of those YAY! ANOTHER ANIME SWORD-Y BUT THIS ONE I HAVE A PERSONAL CONNECTION TO here).
Apparently Sakurai won a contest and was able to meet with the developers & contribute ideas to Phantasy Star II, and that inspired him to get into game design. I just did a search to see if I could find more details, but all that came up were references to it on Smashboards & Resetera. All of the biographies and articles about him that I found start with his work at HAL. If anyone else has a good source or more details, please share.
The MGS games are all rated M, and Snake is there too.
Snake was in Brawl, which didn't have any DLC, but he skipped Smash 4 (Wii U / 3DS), where DLC was introduced. The MGS games are typically rated CERO Z in Japan, so yeah, that would definitely be in line with the M rating by the ESRB. Also recall that Snake explicitly does not use firearms in Smash Bros, just explosives.

Again I think it's a matter of introducing characters/series content *after* the initial rating assignment where there has been caution. As that linked interview mentioned, there was contention when Bayonetta was added to Smash 4 and that the game rating may have needed to be adjusted. Probably why they toned down aspects of her attacks compared to how they appear in the source game.


definitely not a robot
One thing I want to happen for the next and last reveal is for the Mii costumes to be revealed as part of the trailer --- like, I'm imagining half a dozen or so popularly requested characters all vying for the last smash invite, only for them to be magically turned into Mii costumes one by one. After the carnage, the last remaining character stands triumphant as the last Smash character.

Anyhow, to slightly clarify the tone of my previous post, my desire for Touhou to be represented is sincere, though it's just tempered right now by the realization that any particular character request is quite unlikely at the juncture.


Yes, I like both him & his stage a lot. I haven’t played Tekken since High School, but he brought those memories back. I especially like his forward up angle tilt attack, where he does 3 spinning kicks. That’s, like, the most Tekken thing ever.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
Kazuya's buttons are very satisfying to push, but actual tactics are still a bit fuzzy for me.

It seems good to refer to his moves by name:

The ↘️↘️ shortcut for entering the Shoryuken motion (➡️⬇️↘️), which is present for Ryu, Ken, and Terry, also works for all of Kazuya's moves that use that input: Crouch Dash, (Electric) Wind God Fist, Dragon Uppercut, and Spinning Demon to Left Hook. However, there's no shortcut for the ↘️⬇️↘️ motion used for Gates of Hell. Sometimes when I try to do Gates of Hell, regular Wind God Fist comes out, which I don't understand at all.

Demon God Fist is short-range and hard to set up, but it leaves the enemy in crumple state and has very low endlag, so you can follow it up with a decisive finisher like Glorious Demon God Fist, Heaven's Door, Dragon Uppercut, Tombstone Crusher, etc.

It seems Sakurai was right and that you just gotta find the moves that jive with your instincts and ignore the rest.

Neat quirk of Mishima Dojo: try breaking only the top half of one of the walls and then self-destructing through the opening. Can't do it. If you launch someone toward the upper corner and they don't hit the blast zone, they don't have to worry about recovering; they just get smoothly deposited back on the stage. I'm not sure about the tactical implications, but it seems to deemphasize edge-guarding and recovery in favor of landing smashes in a different way than the walls in King of Fighters Stadium. I dig it.


I cuss you bad
I'm reading between the lines here hugely, and am probably well into tinfoil hat territory here, but for a number of these fighters Sakurai has made it really clear they are Nintendo's choice. Maybe for the last character of the "work of his life" he's got a personal choice...


As always, the answer to WHO SHOULD SMASH BROS is one with thousands of Right answers and JUUUUST A FEW WRONG ONES.


This morning I noticed that the character select screen with echo fighters stacked will be a perfect square, but if they are not stacked there will be four open spaces. So, what if they added four more echo fighters to fill things out? Here's what I came up with:

1) Dixie Kong, as an echo of Diddy. Give her Donkey Kong's up B (like Chrom getting Ike's up B), and have her animations emphasize her hair a bit more. She has been the lead in a few DK games, and is in a ton of spinoffs.

2) Octoling, as an echo of Inkling. I haven't played these games, but it looks like they use the same weapons. Splatoon is a huge hit, it seems likely they'll add more characters.

3) Impa, as an echo of Sheik; or, Toon Zelda as an echo of Toon Link with Zelda's specials? Smash hasn't added an original Zelda character in 20 years, and the only one since Melee is Toon Link. Breath of the Wild was a huge hit and the sequel is on the way. I half expect the last challenger to be a Zelda character, but the series should at least get an echo fighter.

4) Doc Louis, as an echo of Little Mac. He would need to be a bit taller, but he could still be more similar to Little Mac than Ken is to Ryu. He's been around since the NES, Nintendo made a Doc Louis's Punch Out promo game, and also Smash is desperately in need of darker skinned characters.

What 4 echoes would you pick?


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Personally I'd prefer Dixie to be more her own character than a Diddy clone.

But anyway...

1) Brittany. She's like Olimar and Alph, but with a little more weight 'cuz she's a li'l taller. Maybe Charlie can tag along as an alt.

2) Lottie. Skews primarily Isabelle but with a li'l bit more Villager here and there. Her Final Smash replaces Nook and the Nooklings with herself, Digby, and Lyle.

3) Boom Boom. Basically Donkey Kong but a li'l smaller.

4) Dry Bowser. A li'l lighter and his blue fire has different properties.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
1) Twintelle - Female POC representation is still needed in the game, and another Arms character with a different Arm load out would be cool.

2) Zelda/Sheik changing variant - Just doesn’t feel like everyone is actually here to me without this version of Zelda. You could give her an updated version of her Ocarina of Time/Melee look so she stands out from regular Zelda and Sheik. Or maybe Skyward Sword Zelda and Impa as a tag team.

3) Medusa - She could be a Palutena echo who uses retooled versions of some of Palutena’s alternate custom moves that hit the cutting room floor.



A Bard Named SPOONY
I'm kind of surprised that we haven't seen more Echo Fighters since they went out of their way to make them a thing. They would be a poor use of a DLC slot, yes, but there's only like a handful of them. Zack as a Cloud echo is an easy get. Octoling as an Inkling echo is another. Proto Man or Bass for Mega Man. Dark Bowser (From Bowser's Inside Story) for Bowser, heck they already have his music.

But at this point it would be in very poor taste to ask any more of Sakurai or his team.


definitely not a robot
1) The last fighter is going to come bundled with an echo fighter. I can feel it. (This means we're getting Marisa as a Reimu echo.)

2) In order to promote Metroid Dread, Anthony Higgs will be added as an echo of Captain Falcon.

3) Dragaux from Ring Fit Adventure as an echo of... *rolls dice* Little Mac?

4) ...uhhhh... Gex as a Greninja echo? idk

That Old Chestnut

The last slot will be Waluigi finally just saying "fuck it" and hacking himself into the game, except all his moves will be super glitchy because he's a shitty programmer. Also the code will be haunted somehow.

Ė̸̡̬̮̳̬͓̰̻̑́̆́͋̐̾́̔͘͝ ̶͓̯̂́̃̂̋̇̅́͋̉̃̀͌͘V̶̢͉̮͚̺͍͎̠͚͉̻͇̊͌̐̀ ̸͕͔͓̪̳͓̪͙̹͖̺̙̳͎̓̊̈́͐̈́́̉͒̀͘̕͝E̶̙͛̈́̽͒͗̈͐̿̿́̔͛ ̴̭̰̱̟̹͈̭̙̭͕̄͆͜R̴̛̮͐̆̾̒̒̋̋̌͌́ ̶̨̡̠̮͉̝̯̜̪̘̗͆́̿͌̇́̉̾̈̕̚Y̴̲̜̹̺͉̰̺̤͉͑̽͊ ̸͇̤̳̟̰̼͑̍̓̄̊̿͑ ̴̙̪̩̞͚̝͔̐͊Ĉ̶̨͇͍̹͔̖̈̀͌ ̷̻͉̳̱̫̬̖͈̻̈́͌͜Ǫ̷̞̙̬͇̲̫͕̥͓̪͖̩̭͆̉͆͜ ̷̳͍̝̥̘̖̭̝͍̀̍͑ͅP̴̨̦̘̼̹̦͆́͗̅͂̍̂͗̉̓̈́͋̄́́ ̴̡̢̡̰̣͕̭̣̺͈́͗̐̆̀ ̵͚̣̰̠̻̰͈̟̗̃̒͛̃͝Ỷ̸̨͙͔͈̮̞̮͔̭̟̹͇͔̫̭̀͌̔̆͝͝ ̵̨̗̰͑̉̈́̈̐̕͘͠͝ ̷̛̦͚͍̳͈͈̝̰̞̂̈̅̉̅͐͠O̷͚̘̠̣͛̋́̉̄̀̌͘̚̚͝ ̶̘̳̜̓͐̌̅̌͊́̾́̔̉̕̚͘͠F̶̲̞̪̦̠͖̯̦͕̘̃̀͆͐̿͜͠ ̶̹̥̙͚̮̓̅̈́̆̒̍͐̓̽̔͛̎̉̐̽ ̶̢̧̨͈̲̼͕̈́͐͗͊̂Ş̵̢̨̡̛̣̰͓̫͖̼̰̓̅͗͂̈́̑͜ ̵̧̢̼̟̦̄̈́̄M̵̯̘͈̻̞̭̂̒̉̅̎̆̀͗̌̒͘͠͠ ̴̲̮͖͈̯͇͇͕̖̰̅͂̓̈̑͋̈́̕͝Ă̸̰̮̺̾̐͆̆͋̾͐̏́̽̑͘̚ ̸̜̖͓̱̣͍̞̹̩̪̪̂̈́̿̔S̸̥̟̟̯̯̳͍͕͚̺͂͐͝͠ ̵͈̗̘́H̶̱̞̔̈͆̆̒̓͗̏͛́͂͗̆̐͂ ̸̢̢̜̼̬͔̺͉̗̤̮͐ͅͅ ̵͔͖̘̙̭̞̠̫̟̲̤̎͜Į̶̡̩͎̦̺̘͈͇̪̗͉͆̐̀̋̑̀̑̌̇̽̚͜ ̴͓̻͖͑͊̾͐̌̓ͅS̴̘̹̼̖̥̜̺̫̦̤̳͈̝͔̝̀̅̋̓̐̀̊͌̽̐̾̓͐͘ ̵̳̪͉̪͗̒̈̎̇̓̇̈́̀͌̓̐͆̅̇ ̴͓͙̣̇̀̃́́̾̐͘P̷͇͎̦͎̓̃̅̀͑̃̕ ̴̩̹̜͖̠̻͚̲̠̯͚͍̘̓̊̏̌͒̕͘Ẻ̴̪̞̤͖̝͑̍̏̀̔̐̌̆̓͛̑̐̚ ̷͕̬̗̟̙̫͐͌̎̈́̀̏̽̆͆͛̑R̵̢̢̮̙͖̱̩̘͙̺̫̠̔̎̈̐ͅ ̸̢̡̻̮͈̞̜̬̼̫̼̠̺̙̟͊̊̆͗́̆͗͗̔̈́S̶͉̞̟̼͚̰͕̅̽̐̽͒̿́̇͐̇͝͠͝͝ ̵̨̧̦͔͙̰͔̖͚͕͍̫̣̣̇̿̊̉Ó̸̧̫̖̇̏̍̓̊͗̃̀̑̓͘̚ ̵͈͍̥̤͍̯͇̪́̎̉̄̏̈́͠ͅǸ̶̩͎̖̠̻̈̊̉̓̑̆̈́̔͒̓͐̕͠ ̶͙̲̾͆Ă̸̛̦̥͊̾́͒̀̇͊̏̀̚͜ͅ ̷̢͖͎͍̝̬̪͖͖̟̈́̇̌̓̅͐͊́̽̕͘͠Ḷ̴̩̖̟̮̊̒̎̊͑̊̄͐̾͠͝ ̵̡̝̣̩̜̩͎̖̠̇͑̐̏͒̿͌̇̅̈̈͠Ǐ̸̛͔̌̊̔̑͐̈́̂̽̊͛̌͗̚ ̵̢̨̨̛͙̙͖͇͙̳͕͆̈́͊͌́̕S̷͚̞̠͔̩̣͍̗͈̥̲͍̯͊͑̂͑͐̀̄̚ ̶̡̠͙̼̖̝̣̙͓͍̰͈̱̤̞̉̎̈́͐̿̒͗̍̚͘͝͝È̷͚̱̫͖̺̇͌͌͗̚̚ ̶̺̠͎̘̻͉͌͒̐́͜͝D̵͚̺͔͔̋͊̀͘͘͝͝
I want the Prince from Dragalia Lost to be the final character just to see the internet get upset. Another sword and from some mobile game “no one cares about.”


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Good news: It's a new Zelda character who's not another Link or a Zelda or a Ganon(dorf).

Bad news: It's Tingle.