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Yes, that Russian author.
That is a very good dog face in the second-to-last panel.


I love all the goofy Coyote faces we are getting here. I guess Tom has a lot of fun with finally having him back in the comic, for real.


Threat Rhyme
I'm starting to wonder if Coyote is playing and all of this IS still part of his plan? You can never know with that guy.


The Goggles Do Nothing
I'm wondering if Coyote is not Coyote at all, but Loup having a sort of internal conflict on his goals versus where he "is" now that is manifesting externally. And I'm wondering if that was the case, would it even be theologically any different than Coyote reasserting himself...


Caught back up after hearing Coyote was back. Interesting arc so far.

I'm assuming the next bit is going to be the first real conflict/recognition of Kat as... something else by Coyote/Zimmy. Hmm. Or Cityface who knows.